Sonic CD’s Voice Lines Have Been Removed In Origins, For Some Reason

Sonic CD, released for the Mega CD in 1993, was the first game in the series to have voice acting. Sure, it was pretty basic, being limited to a few words from the blue blur himself, but it was something. And it was a neat feature in a game back then.

However, for whatever reason, this dialogue hasn't been carried over into the Sonic Origins port of Sonic CD. Fans have found that Sonic remains silent throughout his entire conflict with Eggman and Metal Sonic, with his few voice clips oddly removed from the game.

Unlike the original 1993 release, Sonic will no longer say "yes!" when he gets an extra life. And perhaps most tragically, he won't say "I'm 'outta here!" when he jumps to his death if left idle for too long. He'll still leap off screen if you leave him in one spot in Classic Mode, but he won't say anything as he does so.

This strange decision to remove this rudimentary voice acting is extended to Amy too. She no longer yelps when she's kidnapped by Metal Sonic, also remaining silent. Curiously, however, you can still hear voice lines saying "past" and "future" whenever you run past a time travel sign, so it's not like all voice clips were removed. Just those attached to actual characters, for whatever reason.

Some fans have hypothesized that they were removed to fit in with the fact that Classic Sonic is silent in his Modern Sonic cameos. This could be true, as new Classic Sonic (if that makes sense) seems to be physically unable to actually speak, and this would contradict it.

However, there is also the possibility that this is a mistake. This wouldn't be too surprising, given that one of the developers involved, Headcannon Studios, said that the game was made with crunch. The studio head even went as far as saying that he is "unhappy" with the state of Sonic Origins at launch, as the rushed development cycle introduced bugs. It could be that this is just one of them.

In any case, Sonic Origins is available to pick up now on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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