Sonic Forces: How To Play As Shadow

Not many Sonic games allow players to play as Shadow, but Sonic Forces is one of them. Here’s how to do it.

The original Sonic games for Sega Genesis are lauded as classics and still played by many to this day. Since then, installments in the Sonic gaming universe have been pretty hit and miss. Of the more recent offerings, Sonic Forces falls closer to hit than miss. It was released across all major platforms in 2017 and next month (March) it’s being offered up for free with PlayStation Plus.

Giving the game away for free combined with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog in theaters means Sonic Forces is about to experience a spike in active players. Most of those will be new to the game while some might be picking it back up after being reminded of its existence. Either way, players might not be aware of the fact they are able to play through some of the game’s regular levels as Shadow.

Sonic Forces has a DLC called Episode Shadow. It’s free and can be found and downloaded from the game’s main menu. That will add three brand new levels to the game in which players are required to play as Shadow. Once those three levels have been completed, there’s only one last step before Shadow can be used elsewhere in the game.

Play through any of the modern levels as Sonic once Episode Shadow has been completed. Once that final step is done, a prompt should appear informing players that Shadow has been added as a playable character in the modern levels. If all of this is a little wordy for you, a video of exactly what we just described can be found above courtesy of FuzzfingerGaming.

Sonic Forces isn’t the longest or most in-depth game in the world, so if you have arrived at Sonic’s door looking for that sort of thing, then we’re afraid we’ve got some bad news. Shadow of the Colossus is March’s other PS Plus game, and will fill that void nicely. Both games will be available to download very soon, while right now is your last chance to get your hands on February’s free games, The Sims 4 and Bioshock: The Collection.

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