Sonic Frontiers Gets Domain Name Ahead Of The Game Awards

Sonic turned 30 this year and Sega has been celebrating that milestone in a number of different ways. A Sonic Central stream back in May of this year featured a slew of announcements linked to Sonic's birthday. A Sonic Colors remaster, which launched in September, a new collection of classic Sonic games called Sonic Origins coming in 2022, and a number of cameos for the hedgehog including visits to Super Monkey Ball and Two Point Hospital.

The Sonic stream ended with a mysterious first look at an entirely new Sonic game. So mysterious that it didn't even reveal a name, just Sonic speeding round a symbol and that was it. The new game will be here in 2022, but Sega hasn't given away anything more on how it will play or what it will look. All signs point to that changing later this week at The Game Awards.

Sonic fans scouring the web for any clues that might point towards what the game will be like discovered two things over the weekend. The most telling breadcrumb of all is the registration of a Sonic Frontiers domain name. Fans thought the new game was going to be called Sonic Rangers, but a trademark filed by Sega last month revealed that the more likely name choice is going to be Sonic Frontiers.

The domain registration isn't the only clue pointing towards a Game Awards Sonic Frontiers reveal. JamKingVAC shared on Reddit that they noticed the Sonic Steam page's game count has ticked up from 34 to 35. While that could be the addition of Origins, when coupled with the building blocks being put in place for a Frontiers site, it seems more likely the all-new game will be the one getting more coverage this Thursday.

Game Awards host Geoff Keighley has already promised the show's reveals will be in the double digits, so at least one Sonic showing seems likely. There could well be a Frontiers trailer as well as more information, including a potential release date, on Origins. Those two games couple with the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in cinemas means 2022 could be an even bigger year for Sonic fans than 2021.

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