Sonic Frontiers Mod Brings Back All Upgraded Adventure Gear

The recently released mod for Sonic Frontiers called Sonic Adventure 2 Upgrades Items by the user on the popular platform GameBanana going by the name of Alex114 brings back all of the upgraded gear from an earlier game, Sonic Adventure 2. The mod was created with special thanks to another user called Imaddi who provided the model.

According to the official description, the mod in question “adds the upgrades from Sonic Adventure 2 to Immani's Sonic Model Tweaks mod.” This apparently “includes the Light Shoes, Bounce Bracelet, Flame Ring, and Magic Glove. The upgrade items are used on the Soap Shoes downloadable content, so you must have it selected in the game's Extras menu to enable them.” Alex114 adds that “I will be making another version of this mod for the stock downloadable content for those that play with the stock model. I love the model that Imaddi made, so I decided to go for this version first.”

There currently are no prerequisites or dependencies apart from the Soap Shoes downloadable content, but as Alex114 points out in the official description, there is already another version of the mod in the works for those players who did not purchase any additional content.

The reception of the mod has been extremely positive on the part of players. The user called SmashBro596 for example described how “the Sonic Adventure 2 shoes were great, but they were missing something. This mod fixes that. Thank you!” Another user going by the name of NavyBlue22 added “thanks for doing this. I’m probably one of the few people that really like the base model in this game, so I’m looking forward to that version when you finish!”

Sonic Adventure 2 Upgrades Items only represents the latest in a long line of mods for Sonic Frontiers, Loco’s Pinball Experience for example. “Loco's Pinball Experience is a mod that allows you to skip the pinball in Sonic Frontiers or play it whenever you want," the modder known as Locomotivesss explains in the official description. “This includes two mods, the skip and the save file. It is quite self explanatory and I don't believe more needs to be said. Enjoy your time playing pinball!”

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