Sony Announces X Button Will Be The Universal "Confirm" Button On The PS5, Even in Japan

For a long time, one of the biggest differences between Japanese and Western games on the Playstation has been the use of a confirm button. Generally speaking, Japan uses the circle button to confirm while the West used X. That is all about to change with the release of the PS5 as there will be no different regional button configurations as a universal system will be used instead among their many features.

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Many countries around the world would either follow the X button or use the circle button to confirm on a menu screen. For many who play Japanese-imported games, players have to adjust to the button controls that are somewhat different from their own country. It can be a daunting task to switch one’s brain from one setting to another. With that being said, the original setup in Japan with these buttons originated from the country’s own culture. In Japan, X usually means “wrong” or “no” while the O-circle would mean “correct” or “yes”, which are used in everyday life.

Once the PS5 comes out, everyone across the globe will be using the same button configurations, making games easier to play no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if the game is an import, the buttons will remain the same, making it a seamless transition for Westerners to play titles from Japan and vice versa. AV Watch (via Cheesemeister) first reported this new significant change that is coming for the next-gen console. Sony explained that the decision behind unifying the function is to avoid any confusion with players using the X and O buttons.

Despite this major alteration to the controller, the switch to the X button might possibly lead to negativity with players who have used the circle button for years. It might serve as a problem for Japan as players may have to adapt to the configurations that the West is used to using. It may be a while for Asian countries to pick up on this, but Westerners will surely welcome this solution that Sony has come up with for their new system.

Everyone will get a feel for the new configurations once the PS5 launches worldwide on November 12.

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