Sony Reveals New Xperia Phone

Sony’s highly anticipated flagship smartphone was unveiled recently in their livestream event on the 14th of April, as details were expressed on the Sony Xperia Mark 1 III – amongst other devices.

Right off the bat, Sony seems to have it all messed up in the naming department for their phones, with labels and sequels that just about confuse everyone not familiar with their phones. As simple as their identification is on their consoles, it’s just as peculiar with their smartphones. Don’t get us wrong, the Xperia Mark phones have been nothing short of hardware spectacles, especially in the camera department where their phones particularly shine the brightest.

The company released a teaser video on their YouTube channel a few days ago, providing an overview of what could be presented in the livestream event. Mentioning of photography and the label “III” stood out most, which set a precedent as to what the public should expect from the event.

Sure enough, roughly half of the stream was dedicated to the unveiling of the Mark 3, specifically on the camera dynamics and intricacies that Sony have installed in their new flagship phone. The new camera would be able to shoot burst photos with 20 frames per second, along with other camera-savvy features like being able to shoot in RAW file format. Another major aspect of the camera that the event tried to showcase was the varying aperture on the telephoto lens – first of its kind on a smartphone. And if we are talking about things being first of their kind in a phone, then we’d also need to discuss about the 4K 120Hz OLED display on the phone screen – befitting to view such high quality photos and videos taken from the phone on.

The question at the end of the day however, still would remain whether or not Sony is going to provide a package appealing enough in their new phone to make users spend their money on a Sony rather than a Samsung, Apple or OnePlus – especially considering the fact that OnePlus just came out with their new 9 and 9 Pro devices, and Samsung hit the market with the S21 lineup. The phone seems like a professional cameraman’s dream in a pocket, but the overall experience and value for such big bucks are ultimately the main factors that would lure people into choosing the Xperia 1 Mark III over other trustworthy flagships in the market.

The event also had other devices that were unveiled, namely being the Xperia 5 III, and the Xperia 10 III – both equally confusing names compared to the Mark, but both impressive devices to say the least.

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