Sorry Co-Op Players, Only Redfall’s Host Gets Campaign Progress

There might not have been an E3 this year, but Summer Game Fest very much stepped up and gave us a lot to be excited about. The biggest showcase of the entire weekend might well have been Xbox and Bethesda's joint effort. A look at Starfield and its 1000 planets, plus lots of info on Redfall. However, if you're planning on playing Redfall in co-op, which seems likely, we have some bad news.

Redfall's designer revealed to IGN (via GamesRadar) that only the campaign progress of a party's host will be recorded. If you are part of a group but you're not its leader, you will have to play through that part of Redfall yourself when you return to your own campaign. On the bright side, any loot and XP you pick up will stay with you, regardless of whose campaign you happen to find yourselves in.

On the surface, that design choice is a little annoying. Smith does explain that this wasn't always the plan and that not including transferrable campaign progress in a Redfall was a conscious decision. Having people potentially complete parts of the game more than once because the first time they did it was in co-op and they weren't the party leader will ensure the game flows properly. That's according to Smith who explained everything after making the reveal.

“The story would be very confusing if you got to mission eight and it said skip this one because you've already done it,” Smith explains. Simply put, you don't want to complete a late-game mission, or potentially Redfall's final mission, only to return to your own game and be told you can't do a certain mission because you've already done it.

It's a little convoluted, and while Smith's explanation certainly makes a lot of sense, it does seem like the better option would have been a prompt at which point the player could choose to skip ahead or replay the mission. Since XP from visiting other campaigns will stay with them, it could also make the beginning of the game a lot easier than intended should they play later missions in other campaigns first. As for those of you who want to play the game alone, Arkane has assured players Redfall has been designed to be enjoyed whether you're playing alone or with others.

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