Source Of Madness: How To Play As A Pyromancer

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Source Of Madness introduces you to a dark and dangerous world teeming with monsters, secret passages, and six types of Cultists to play as in order to slash your way through nine self-contained biomes and reach the finish line in one piece.

Each Cultist you unlock provides a unique magical combat advantage, and the fire-wielding Pyromancer is no exception. Looking to alter your gameplay strategies to suit the strengths and weaknesses of the Pyromancer? Keep in mind these tips and tricks to get the most out of your next run.

How To Unlock The Pyromancer

Pyromancers are the second Cultist class type that you can play as in Source Of Madness. You will be able to unlock them in the pre-game skill tree after completing the first biome for the first time, simply by interacting with the altar just outside the Cave of Lost Souls.

You only need to do this once per Cultist type, so the altar won't appear in this area again after you interact with it.

Unlocking Pyromancers costs about 600 to 800 Blood – the in-game currency your Cultist will collect during each run by fighting hordes of monsters -, so be sure to save up and spend wisely. Once unlocked, you will be able to opt for a Pyromancer from the character selection screen at the start of your next attempt.

Pyromancer Stats, Abilities, And Equipment

Just like with the layout and structure of each biome, the stats of each playable Cultist in the character selection menu are randomly generated each time you begin a new run. However, there are a few consistencies to bear in mind.

As a blanket rule, all Pyromancers start the game without a Hood; instead, these must be found during your travels or bought from the shop around the midpoint of the first biome.

Also, being an individual who enjoys turning foes into charcoal briquettes using powerful fire attacks, it is a guarantee that all Pyromancers come equipped with one or two Fire Damage-dealing Rings. The most common starter Rings for the Pyromancer include the Fireball Ring and Great Fireball Ring (I), however, you also have the chance to start out with items such as the Wave Ring or Blood Band since any Cultist can use any Ring.

On the other hand, starter Pyromancer Rings will deal more damage than those found in the arsenal of your standard Generalist, and you can unlock even more powerful starter Rings by investing Blood and Evenstar into specific branches of the skill tree between each run.

Since all Pyromancer stats indicate a generous Fire Resistance buff, you can rest assured that you will take far less damage from projectiles thrown by monsters throughout the Loam Lands.

The Pyromancer's Dash leaves an exploding fireball in its wake, which knocks enemies for four to five health points, allowing you to deal damage even as you flee. This is a step-up from the cloud of corrupt magic emitted by the Generalist's Dash, which weakens enemies and makes them take ten percent more damage per hit.

Pyromancer Warnings: Friendly Pyre

It is important to note that Pyromancers take damage from their own Fire attacks. This means that if you are engaged in close combat and accidentally come into contact with one of your own fire-based attacks, you will take a steady nine hits of three health points per hit as a penalty for getting caught in the blast.

This can be incredibly frustrating when you are adapting to the intricacies of the Pyromancer after so many runs as a Generalist, whose strengths favour the hack n' slash strategy of a classic roguelite. And sometimes, you just want to kick a door down without burning yourself to a crisp in the process.

How To Avoid Friendly Fire When Playing As The Pyromancer

Instead of getting in a monster's face, focus on ranged attacks and leaping or Dashing away from enemies. Throwing fireballs from a high perch and quickly backtracking is a great way to trap a monster, as sometimes they cannot get around the tight nooks and crannies of the Loam Lands. From there, keep pelting them with fireballs and Arcane attacks until the beast's health bar is emptied. This is one way to avoid taking hits from friendly fire as a Pyromancer.

As you get used to ranged attacks and evading your own fireball attacks, try to always have one non-Fire Damage ring equipped at all times.

Best Non-Fire Rings For Playing As A Pyromancer

  • Blood Bands or Vampire Ring, very useful ranged Arcane Damage Rings that will allow you to switch up your fire attacks whilst remaining far from the blast zone and gain two health points for each successful blow landed.
  • Lightening Ball, which deals Lightening Damage in waves from a safe vantage point. The RNG element of the game means that each Pyromancer has the chance of dealing increased Lightening Damage, so check your stats before buying.
  • King's Ring and Eye Of Cthulhu, two more ranged Arcane Damage Rings that can be embellished with Trinkets for a more powerful distanced attack.

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