Space FPS Boundary Debuts Video Showing Ray Tracing Capabilities

Boundary is a gorgeous new online hero shooter where you play as space-faring soldiers fighting on the International Space Station. Oh, and it uses ray tracing, too.

Space. The final frontier. Pretty much all hope of humanity exploring the stars as a peaceful, unified species has gone out the window lately, so now we have games like Boundary to show us the most likely future of space exploration/warfare.

We have Studio Surgical Scalpels to thank for this terrifyingly realistic look at space-based combat. Boundary is a class-based online multiplayer shooter unlike any other. Not because it takes place in space, but because it takes place in and around the sort of space stations that currently exist.

You play as an Astroperator, a new class of soldier that has arisen in a world where nations, corporations, and even pirates all compete for resources in near-Earth orbit. Everyone is wearing fancy new spacesuits that allow you to engage in zero-g space battles. This means every dimension is available to traverse, meaning you’ll have to watch your back, your head, and even your ass.

At launch, Boundary will feature four game modes: Facility Capture (which is a fancy name for King of the Hill), Team Deathmatch, Skirmish Mode, and Orbital Capture. Orbital Capture sounds like Boundary’s version of the Rainbow Six Siege, where one team tries to capture a space station from a defending squad.

There’s also going to be six classes all denoted by a colorfully named character. Leeway is the sniper, Vodka is the soldier, Spiker and Probe both seem to be variations on scouts, Shielder is the shield-based assault class, and Fixer is the tricky engineer. Each character will have their own specialized gear to lend them unique skills in combat.

Boundary plans to release later this year on PC via Steam and the PlayStation store, but in the meantime, the developers plan to host a benchmark test on September 24th. This is not a playable demo–it’s just an opportunity for interested parties to download a part of the game’s engine to see how it runs on your hardware. Boundary is targeting the GeForce GTX 1060 in the recommended hardware specs on Steam, but it will have ray tracing options for anyone with the new RTX-enabled cards.

There’s also a free giveaway where you could win a new RTX 3080 for wishlisting the game on Steam.

Boundary seems uniquely suited to stand out in the crowded hero-shooter market. We’ll be sure to let you know how this game develops.

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