Spawn’s Mortal Kombat Design Revealed (Along With A Cool New Toy)

NetherRealm Studios has done some great things with the DLC characters for Mortal Kombat 11. Bringing in some, frankly, amazing guest characters, most fans are dying with anticipation to see how the iconic hero Spawn turns out. Creator Todd McFarlane is particularly jazz that his teenage developed goth guy is in and has even shared a new action figure design based around Spawn’s MK11 appearance.

It’s maybe not the gameplay reveal we’re all looking for, but it does confirm one thing: Spawn is going to have his cape. For years in the gaming space, technology hasn’t been powerful enough to render the basically sentient being that is Spawn’s cape. When he made an appearance in Soulcalibur II on the original Xbox, Bandai Namco had to contrive a reason for the absence of his garb (which turned out to be that it took the form of an ax to do battle with).

It looks like Spawn is going to be 100% true to his original vision in Mortal Kombat 11. That brings up the possibility that some of his moves will be based around the cape. Seeing as how they are a living being that will protect Spawn at all costs, this could even be pointing to a resurrection technique like D’Vorah has -and Jason Vorhees had in Mortal Kombat X-.

In addition to all of that above, I guess Spawn will also have an official action figure. If there’s anything Todd McFarlane is known for other than this demonic hero, it would be his toy company. Bringing to life some of the most detailed and obscure comic book heroes, McFarlane toys is no stranger to the video game world. They’ve even previously made Mortal Kombat figures and have a few based on 11.

So yeah, Spawn is gonna be awesome in MK11 and he’ll have a figure. That’s good news. We’re still a few weeks away from the official gameplay reveal, but fans shouldn’t have any reason to worry. It seems like NetherRealm has got everything under control. Spawn certainly is a great fit for Mortal Kombat and it’ll be awesome to hear Keith David step back into the role.

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