Splatoon’s Next Splatfest Will Make Tricolour Turf War Its Own Mode

Tricolor Turf Wars was one of the big selling points for Splatoon 3. A three-way version of the regular team-based Turf Wars, adding the third team made each match an even more frenetic fight to see who could cover everything with the most ink. However, fans were disappointed to learn that Tricolor matches weren’t a guarantee, and many found themselves playing standard two-team Turf Wars rather than the new Tricolor mode.

Nintendo might have just been a little gun-shy about splitting the matchmaking pools too thinly, but it seems like the Splatoon publisher has figured things out as the next Splatfest will allow players to select Tricolor Turf Wars as a unique game mode. The announcement came courtesy of the Splatoon Twitter which confirmed Tricolor Turf Wars will be selectable midway through the next Splatfest.

"It seems that in the next Splatfest, anyone can opt to join a Tricolor Battle after the Halftime Report," wrote the Splatoon Twitter. "And whether they join solo or with a friend on the same team, they'll always match into a Tricolor Battle!"

This new selectable option means players won't have to worry about getting into the two-team Turf Wars anymore, but they also won't know whether they're attacking or defending until the battle begins. It's recommended that you familiarize "yourself with the rules at the Splatfest Pledge Box or via the lobby menu before hopping in."

There's also going to be a new metric for determining the winner of Splatfest called Tricolor Clout. We don't know exactly how this Tricolor Clout is determined (yet), but we do know that the leading team at the halftime report will get more Tricolor Clout while defending, and everyone else will get more Tricolor Clout while attacking.

Players will have to choose between team Spicy, Sweet, or Sour when the next Splatfest arrives on January 6.

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