Splinter Cell Is Infiltrating Ghost Recon Breakpoint Next Week

Ubisoft sure likes not creating sequels to its popular franchises. In a brand new trailer today, it was revealed that Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher will be joining the cast of Ghost Recon Breakpoint next week. In a mission titled “Deep State,” the iconic stealth hero is heading to Auroa island to help Team Ghost tackle Terminators and I think my brain is shutting down writing this.

It looks like that Terminator raid wasn’t just a fun, stupid little distraction for Breakpoint. It’s actually integral to the plot that Ubisoft is setting up. Why, exactly, is Sam Fisher going to be squaring off against fictional killing machines? How does that even fit into the “realistic” style that the Tom Clancy name is supposed to represent?

My aggravated ramblings aside, this expansion will be heading to the game on March 24, 2020. It sounds much more ambitious than the previous add-ons, so I’d imagine this is part of the game’s season pass. I keep forgetting Breakpoint even had one since Ubisoft colossally messed up the core game. I still can’t accept that anyone willingly paid $100 for Breakpoint.

On the positive side, the original Sam Fisher voice actor Michael Ironside will be reprising his role. The trailer also pokes fun at how broken Breakpoint was upon its initial release. Sam calls the Auroa situation “a real shitshow” and quips about how “tiered weaponry” has been taken care of. I’m starting to think the plan was always to release a bad game and fix it later.

What’s more evident is that Ubisoft likely has no intention of creating another Splinter Cell game. Sam Fisher made an appearance in Breakpoint’s predecessor, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and it sent fans into a frenzy. Many expected a reveal at E3 that year, but nothing happened. Now, it’s pretty clear the company is only going to use him to pimp out overpriced DLC for crappier games.

This follows in line with the recent inclusion of Prince of Persia items in For Honor. Ubisoft is sitting on franchises that fans are dying to see continued, but it doesn’t want to do anything with them. Maybe one day, we’ll see a glorious return for both series. Until then, we’ll just have to deal with Breakpoint.

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