Star Shaman Is Coming This Month, Great New Trailer Here

Funky-looking VR newcomer, Star Shaman, is releasing later this month, and it’s got a great new trailer.

The game is coming to PC VR and Oculus Quest before the end of October, but no specific date yet. We first revealed this debut project from Paris-based Ikimasho at the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition earlier in the year. At the time, it was still pretty hard to pick apart what you actually do in the game, but this excellent new trailer makes things much clearer.

Star Shaman Trailer

The trailer is another collaboration with VR video studio, Splitverse, which recently produced memorable trailers for Tarzan VR and Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife. It shows the player thrown into a world in which the ‘Architects of Entropy’ have brought the galaxy to its knees by destroying biospheres. Cast as a Star Shaman, you’re tasked with restoring planets to their former glory by ridding the world of evil forces.

Based on the trailer, that will involve shooting and slicing enemies down and casting spells with gesture-based controls. It looks like an active sort of wave shooter, though maybe don’t try out the incredible moves the player is pulling off in the trailer at home unless you have years of training as a gymnast and space not to backflip into your TV.

We’ll be looking forward to trying out Star Shaman soon, then. The game will launch on the Quest store and be playable on both the OG Quest and Quest 2, as well as arrive on Steam and Viveport will support for all major PC VR headsets.

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