Steam SALE final warning: Last chance for BIG savings – End date and time for summer sale

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The Steam Summer Sale is coming to an end, making it your best chance to make big savings until later in the year. Easily one of the biggest sales of 2022, the Steam Summer Sale has a July 7 end date and a 6pm BST end time. While there will be other minor sales throughout the year, the next big Steam sale is expected to take place at around Halloween. This will be followed by the Autumn and Winter Steam sales in November and December, respectively.

As for the current Steam Sale, fans can take advantage of discounts on classic games as well as modern hits and indie gems.

Highlights include FromSoftware’s excellent Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, which is reduced to under £25 until July 7.

Resident Evil Village is also reduced to £24.99, while Resident Evil 2 is down to £13.99 and Resident Evil 3 is available for £13.19.

If you want something even cheaper, you can grab The Sims 4 for £4.49, Batman Arkham Knight for £3.19, Loop Hero for £4.12, and GTA 5 for £12.89.

Resident Evil 3: State of play announcement trailer for PS4

If you’re looking for suggestions then here are some of the highlights of the Steam Summer Sale 2022…

• Resident Evil Village – WAS £49.99, NOW £24.99

• The Sims 4 – WAS £17.99, NOW £4.49

• Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – WAS £49.90, NOW £24.95

• Forza Horizon 5 – WAS £49.99, NOW £39.99

• Sniper Elite 4 – WAS £39.99, NOW £3.99

• New World – WAS £34.99, NOW £20.99

• Hitman 3 – WAS £49.99, NOW £19.99

• Sea of Thieves – WAS £34.99, NOW £14.99

• Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – WAS £44.99, NOW £14.84

• Skyrim Special Edition – WAS £34.99, NOW £11.54

• Devil May Cry 5 – WAS £23.99, NOW £7.91

• Soulcalibur VI – WAS £49.99, NOW £7.49

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