Steve Holds His Meat Suggestively In His Super Smash Bros. Win Screen

Minecraft’s Steve has been a part of the Smash Ultimate roster for less than a day, and the internet’s collective dirty mind has already spotted something unfortunate.

There’s nothing quite like the build to the reveal of a new character on the Super Smash Bros. roster. Ultimate boasts the biggest Smash Bros. roster to date by quite some way, and Nintendo continues to add to it. Prior to every single DLC reveal, Smash fans have taken to social media to lobby for which character they would like to see join the battle.

Just about every single video game character in the known universe will get a mention. However, there are some with bigger groundswells of support than others. Crash Bandicoot is at the top of most players’ wishlists, and it seemed almost nailed on that the marsupial was going to be the last DLC fighter.

That didn’t happen. It turned out to be Minecraft’s Steve. Not an unpopular choice, and since Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time, it makes sense that Nintendo would want to pair up with its creators. It was a deal five years in the making, and those five years came to an official end this week as Steve was officially added to the roster on October 13, 2020.

Players around the world have been getting to grips with the very different and very unique look, gameplay, and moveset Steve brings to Smash Ultimate. However, when he wins, Steve has been getting to grips with something else. The new fighter’s win screen is somewhat unfortunate. As can be seen above, it shows Steve with his steak at the bottom of the screen. However, the angle of the shot makes the steak look like something else.

The meat protruding from the bottom of the screen makes it look like Steve is all too happy to have picked up the victory. That’s right, it looks more like Steve’s schlong than his steak. Chances are Nintendo will jump right on this and patch the image out of Ultimate in the future. The trouble is, the screenshots have been taken, memes have been made, and the image will live on forever online. What a start to Steve’s Smash career.

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