Streamer Dislocates Knee After Dying In Call Of Duty

Odds are many of you reading this have a game, or maybe even a few games, that cause you to fly off the handle should you lose due to circumstances beyond your control. That anger may have even resulted in a broken controller or two. What has probably never happened to anyone else ever is a knee dislocation as the result of losing it while playing Call of Duty.

If that has happened to you, please get in touch. For the time being, dannywoz is the only player who can claim their gamer rage led to them dislocating their knee. As you can see in the clip below, Danny asks his teammate that they move in on an opponent together, a move that would have resulted in a two-on-one situation and potentially won them the match.

Danny's teammate decides to do things a little differently, resulting in the two of them being picked off by the one enemy. That's more than poor Danny can take who leaps from his chair and jumps around while questioning why his teammate didn't just follow his lead. Danny falls to the floor in anger, at which point he clutches his leg and claims to have broken it.

Close, but not quite. The reality might be even worse. As Danny slides along the floor, just before he brings the stream to a close, he reveals that his knee has popped out. Apparently an incredibly painful injury to suffer, but not one you're usually at risk of suffering while playing video games. Fellow streamer Jake Lucky has confirmed Danny is okay now, sharing a picture of the Call of Duty player giving a thumbs up while wearing a knee support.

Spotted by a number of eagle-eyed Call of Duty players in the replies, Danny is playing Verdansk, a Warzone map that was left behind when the sequel launched last month. Danny has revealed the injury happened a while ago, but he has only just shared the video. Here's hoping he doesn't get too excited when he hears loadouts have returned to the sequel and dislocates his other knee through sheer excitement.

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