Street Fighter V’s Netcode Looks to Have Been Fixed

As Street Fighter V enters its twilight with the release of Champion Edition, it seems that Capcom has finally made an effort to fix the game’s long troubled netcode after fans had enough and took matters into their own hands. The initial shock was too good to be true for some, but the consensus opinion seems to be that Capcom has finally done it after years of ignoring their player base.

Still one of the most popular fighting games in the world, Street Fighter V had to survive a disastrous launch and a contemptuous period that followed within the fighting game community. Improving the netcode fell on deaf ears among other concerns, and instead the community would see their concerns addressed with an endless assault of Chun Li costumes. PC user Altimor had enough shortly after the start of the game’s fifth season and released a patch that fixed PC-to-PC connections, sending the community in an uproar and leaving PS4 users in the dust.

Just one week after the release of Champion Edition, Capcom’s latest patch addressed the netplay issue at the expense of the user-created patch, but has seemed to finally get the job done. Eventhubs polled players on their opinions of the new netcode with 43.8% claiming the netcode has shown some improvement. Capcom is keeping a channel open for feedback for the patch, no doubt to make sure all kinks are addressed before the online-only Intel World Open kicks off in the coming months.

Many of the best players in the world have reacted positively to the patch. EQNX| Brian_F, one of the most vocal critics of the netcode noted that the patch is a “positive step forward.” The team at Vesper Arcade and Bryan “Dankadillas” Teran also co-signed the fix providing a more positive experience in otherwise laggy situations. On the other hand, Street Fighter legend Justin Wong would say that he doesn’t notice any difference while noting he has never had a lingering issue with online play.

For now, it seems that seemingly unplayable matches have been addressed and Capcom will continue to focus on ending the controversy once and for all. With the heavily anticipated tournament mode set for release next month, expect one more system update to refine these issues and give fans the Street Fighter V experience they were meant to have from the very beginning.

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