Summit Doesn’t Realize He’s Talking To Chandler Riggs In GTA

The “NoPixel” role-play server is a big reason why Grand Theft Auto V has enjoyed continuous popularity years into it’s release, specifically on Twitch. The server has attracted big streamers such as Summit, and even celebrities like Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead. When the two finally ran into each other in GTA’s Los Santos, Summit had no clue that “Carl Crimes” was played by the actual actor, believing the character to be an impersonator.

Right after their meeting, Summit was promptly informed by his chat that Carl Crimes is indeed played by Chandler himself. “That’s not actually him, is it?” he asked, quickly followed by a shocked, “That’s f***ing him?! You’ve gotta be f***ing kidding me dude!”

Chandler’s point of view told a completely different story, on the other hand. Going by “Chairhandler” on Twitch, he was completely geeking out after running into Summit – one of his favorite streamers. Later, he reflected on why Summit was the reason he got into GTA role-play in the first place, detailing the significance of the meeting to his viewers.

It didn’t take long for the clip of Summit’s reaction to come back around to Chandler. He was completely amused by the Twitch star’s revelation, adding, “Dude, I’ve been such a f***ing, like, Summit fanboy for f***ing ages.”

He’s been doing a fantastic job entertaining his audience, playing an out-of-place, walker-obsessed Carl on NoPixel. His character’s seriousness and pessimism makes for hilarious interactions between other role-players, such as when he recently sprinted away from a humiliating dialogue.

He’s even had entertaining interactions with another role-player who brilliantly impersonates Andrew Lincoln’s “Rick Grimes” (known as Rick Rhymes on NoPixel). The father/son duo has awkwardly brought their post-apocalyptic The Walking Dead lore into the urbanized Los Santos environment, spreading warnings of the imminent threat that walkers pose to society.

Summit and Chandler’s brief interaction was like two worlds colliding. Comedy aside, the interesting run-in between the two well-known entertainers illustrates how the lines between streamer and celebrity are blurring more and more. If this trend continues, successful streamers will be on-par with the most famous actors and athletes.

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