SummoningSalt Is Now Doing YouTube Full-Time, Bigger Videos To Come

SummoningSalt's speedrunning documentaries on YouTube are monstrously popular, and for good reason. They tell the stories of a game's speedrunning scene – how it got off the ground, what rivalries brought the time down, and all the big skips. They're told in such an engaging way that you don't even need to know anything about Punch Out to find yourself enthralled by the tale of how people speedran it blindfolded.

Despite already being so extensive, we're now in for even bigger projects in the future. SummoningSalt has revealed that he is going full-time with YouTube, allowing him to tackle games and categories that would have taken too much time to cover in the past. He also says he will be able to stick to a more consistent upload schedule, releasing a new video once every two months.

As announced yesterday, SummoningSalt has now started working on his YouTube channel full-time. In the immediate future, this means more videos on topics that take a long time to research, with the examples given being Super Metroid and Ocarina of Time. This is because these two titles are among the most popular for speedrunning, and therefore have long histories to trawl through in order to research them. Particularly because they launched before sharing videos online was accessible to many.

Many in the replies are shocked to discover that SummoningSalt wasn't already full-time, especially given the increased length in videos in the past few months. The most recent uploads are all above the 40-minute mark, with the last one even totalling around 55 minutes.

This isn't all SummoningSalt has been up to recently. As we reported last week, the YouTuber broke the blindfolded Punch Out world record himself, beating the game in a little over 19 minutes.

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