Super Mario 64 Gets Ray-Tracing In Surreal New Mod

Super Mario 64’s source code is out there on PC, and it only has been for just under a year now as it was reverse-engineered prior to the release of Super Mario 3D All-stars. As such, plenty of mods are going to be trickling through, and one user has applied ray-tracing to the N64 classic.

The creator, Darío, is a “modder turned software developer,” although now they’re spending a lot of their free time in “raytracing a plumber.” The video, titled “I bought a $1500 GPU to play Super Mario 64 with RTX,” shows off Wet-dry World.

Here, Darío can be seen playing through the level with all the new bells and whistles of RTX enabled. However, it’s more than simply slapping on ray-tracing, as Darío is making a fully-fledged mod for the Super Mario 64 PC port, with the most recent shown update being that of the basement area.

Many flocked to the replies to tag Render64 asking if the two could collaborate given that Render64 is working on a mod for the Super Mario 64 PC port with the aim to remaster the game.

One commenter pointed out that Render64 is already aware of Darío’s work and is actually a fan of his work, so perhaps their update of Super Mario 64 could see the implementation of ray-tracing to boot. That may look a little better given that the new lighting technique would be applied to an updated version of the game rather than the base N64 one.

As for the basement seen in the video uploaded to Darío’s Twitter, one user posed, “I wonder if you could make the light that comes from the flame flicker,” to which Darío responded, “Yeah, that should be easy to do.” If you’re interested in keeping an eye on their ray-tracing overhaul of Super Mario 64, be sure to follow their Twitter or YouTube where they post updates.

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