Team Ninja Confirms DLC For Stranger Of Paradise

After months of trials and beta tests, Team Ninja is set to release Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin next week. And for those concerned that this new Soulslike will be a one-and-done for Team Ninja, we've got good news for you: DLC is on the way.

Team Ninja producer Fumihiko Yasuda recently commented on Stranger of Paradise's trials, noting that the developers have been using the feedback received to improve their game over the past several months. And they'll do the same thing when it comes time for Stranger of Paradise's DLC, too.

"For Team Ninja, it's an absolute honor to be able to work on a Final Fantasy title like this. We had two different trial versions and we had a lot of feedback from players on those, which really helped us improve the game," said Yasuda.

"We're working hard to incorporate that feedback into the final game. There'll be DLC going forward, and we'll make sure we stay in tune with what the players have to say when we're working on those as well."

During the first set of trials from last October, Meg's feedback was that the game might have been a little too hard. That was something Yasuda apparently heard a lot during the trials, so adjustments were made to the final product.

"In particular, there were lots of comments about improving the AI for the party characters, framerate stability, and how difficult it was to match in multiplayer, so we prioritized these areas," Yasuda added. "We also received lots of other feedback regarding playability and adjusting the difficulty levels, which really helped us improve the game."

Stranger of Paradise returns to the world of the very first Final Fantasy game. The Warriors of Light are once again back to fight the forces of evil, with this Final Fantasy prequel putting players in control of Jack Garland, a name that should be familiar to fans of the 1987 classic.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin arrives March 15 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms.

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