Teamfight Tactics gets Galaxies update on its test server

Riot Games’ newest hit is getting another update on its path to release on mobile devices. Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies is launching today, and it introduces a number of new features to the popular auto battler. Players can try out new champions, classes, and mechanics as part of this update, which is available in the public beta environment (PBE). You can get into that by following the instructions here.

While Teamfight Tactics players will find plenty of new content to test in this beta, Riot’s primary purpose here is to introduce a new business model. The company hasn’t put much emphasis on generating revenue from its auto battler up until this point. Now, it wants to change that.

“When we launched Teamfight Tactics, it was a pretty barebones experience,” the team writes in a blog post. “We knew we had a superfun game, but everything outside of that needed a lot of work. Since then, we’ve been focusing on fixing bugs, launching new sets, and bringing TFT to mobile. To this point, we haven’t made any changes to how you get stuff or how you can express yourself in the game.”

But Riot has the mobile version nearly ready for release. And now, as it looks ahead, it wants to start offering players more ways to spend money. That’s going to take the form of the Galaxies Pass and the Galaxies Pass+. These are premium-progression passes similar to the battle pass that Valve first popularizes with Dota 2’s Compendium.

Riot promises fair microtransactions that won’t impact Teamfight Tactics gameplay

Riot is putting some pretty tight restrictions on how that is going to manifest within Teamfight Tactics. It’s promising players will never get an advantage from spending more money. And no matter how much you spend (or even if you spend nothing), Riot wants to give you ways to earn cool cosmetics. Finally, the studio wants players to use those cosmetic items to “express yourself.”

“We know that some of you want to show off that 3-Star Sugarcone Furyhorn or impress everyone with your collection of Little Legends, others want to flex on all the people in your lobby with Ranked swag, or maybe you want to match that green arena with the green Fae Hushtail,” reads the blog. “Our hope is that each of you will find something to get excited about.”

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