Tekken 2 Accidentally Priced At $9,999 On PlayStation Store

PS Plus is finally live in the US, and with it comes a slew of unannounced games from PlayStation's back catalog. Titles that don't appear to have been made available through the tiered system in other parts of the world where the service has already launched. A number of classic titles from PlayStation's much older consoles can also be bought separately. A selection that briefly included Tekken 2 for $9999.

No, that isn't a typo. Well, at least it isn't here. There was clearly a mistake made at PlayStation HQ though as no, despite the rising prices of rare games, Sony is not asking that you part with just shy of $10,000 for a digital copy of Tekken 2. In fact, it's not asking you to part with anything at all. While Tekken 2 is available to those with a Premium subscription, it is not one of the few classic titles being sold separately.

Even though the mistake has been corrected, hopefully before anyone coughed up the cash for the pricey version of Tekken 2, many spotted it which means it will now live on the internet forever. In fact, so many people spotted Tekken 2's $10,000 price tag that it caught the attention of the series' director, Katsuhiro Harada.

Harada jokingly exclaimed $9999 is a “marvelous price” for the PS1 classic, applauding Sony for briefly demanding almost five figures for a single game. While amusing, it's unclear how exactly a mistake like this comes to be. The most likely explanation is that Tekken 2 was briefly assumed to be a part of the classic titles that can be bought spearately. That mistake was followed by another as rather than pricing it for $9.99, it was instead slapped with a $9999 tag.

If you have PS Plus Premium, you can play Tekken 2 right now. It may even have improved visuals, not to mention the ability to save at any point and rewind the game to replay certain moments. A number of classic games will also have trophy support. PlayStation has confirmed trophies are a case-by-case basis and have only been added if the devloper decided to include them.

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