The 7 Best Star Trek Tabletop Games

A franchise as popular as Star Trek would have to include a whole section in any encyclopedia for tabletop games alone. There are several popular titles, such as Risk and Catan, that use Star Trek as a theme, something which is slightly different from the dedicated tabletop games that take place in the Star Trek universe and use its characters, locations, and storylines.

Players don't have to be a fan of the show to learn and enjoy these games, which include a variety of different features for a variety of groups. There are strategy, card, and dexterity varieties, and games that use miniatures. There's something in this vast universe for every kind of game night.

7 Star Trek: Expeditions

Star Trek: Expeditions is a cooperative game in which players have to work together to reach a common goal. Set in the Kelvin Timeline, the setting that was featured in the reboot movies released from 2009 onwards. It features the same four main characters, which each player takes as their own role.

Despite the alternative timeline, there's some interesting lore, and a storyline that includes the kind of details that a viewer of classic Star Trek would recognize. The Enterprise is dispatched on a mission to ascertain whether or not a certain planet is ready to join the Federation. Complications arise when the Klingons show up, and a civil war threatens to break out on the planet.

6 Star Trek: Ascendancy

This is the type of game that players can build as they learn, starting with the basic version and then adding a selection of possible expansions. These include scenarios like Borg Assimilation and Dominion War for a more action-based RTS type game, or something like Vulcan High Command for a slower, more logical game.

Star Trek: Ascendancy can be about exploration, conflict, or diplomacy, depending on the type of game the players want. The ideal number of participants is three, with each choosing to represent the United Federation of Planets, the Romulan Star Empire, or the Klingon Empire.

5 Star Trek: Frontiers

One to four people can play this game, which means that a single player can take on the game scenario just as easily as four, but keep in mind that more players also mean more time is required to complete a full session.

The plot of this scenario revolves around an uncharted region of space, only recently discovered and accessible only via wormhole. Several different groups are vying for control of the region's planets and resources. Players have to build their crews and ships, and expand the Federation's influence.

4 Star Trek: Fleet Captains

Each player can take on the role of a Federation or Klingon captain in this tabletop game, which also includes the use of miniatures that are faithful to the classes of ships in Star Trek. The game is set in the Prime Universe, or the timeline that started with The Original Series and continued with The Next Generation and Voyager.

The game is best with two to four players, and each one takes control of an opposing faction. This means it's the Federation versus the Klingons, if using only the base game. Expansions for Star Trek: Fleet Captains include the Dominion and the Romulan Empire.

3 Star Trek: Adventures

There are plenty of Star Trek games that include an RPG element of some kind, but this one is actually an official tabletop RPG based in the Star Trek universe. That means it's the same kind of setup as a game like Dungeons & Dragons, with a party and a dungeon master progressing through a storyline.

Star Trek: Adventures requires the players to use core rulebooks, generate unique characters of certain classes and races, and a module or scenario that explains their adventure. Like other RPGs that take place in an expansive universe, dedicated Trekkers can spend a lot of money on different accessories and campaigns, but it's possible to play with the more economical base game.

2 Star Trek: Panic!

Another game that uses miniatures and models, and in a creative way, Star Trek: Panic! takes players back to the days of The Original Series using characters and scenarios from that era. Roles available include Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk, making this an ideal choice for fans of TOS.

The main objective is to defend the Enterprise from enemy attacks, but mission cards give the Captain different tasks to accomplish based on events from the classic show. It's a versatile game for a single-player or up to a group of six.

1 Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone

Just to clarify immediately, that isn't a spelling mistake. Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone is what's known as a dexterity game, which means that players have to flick discs that represent ships instead of moving them using dice or cards. The goal is to get the ships as close to certain resources and locations throughout the galaxy as possible.

The game isn't just about placing a variety of ships, from combat vehicles to tankers, and gathering resources, but also about space battles. Players have to maneuver their own ships into strategic positions to attack enemies, as well as to defend Federation interests.

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