The Classic Indie Platformer You Downloaded In 2004 Is Returning As Spirit Of Glace

Do you remember that one indie platformer Glace you couldn’t get enough of in 2004? Well, it’s coming back sixteen years later, as a brand new, reimagined and reinvented title, Spirit of Glace, according to the game’s creator Tommy Visic.

Per Visic’s description, Spirit of Glace is not a direct sequel to Glace. Rather, it is a complete reboot of the original game, with expanded and additional material to play and explore. Fans of the original game can look forward to gorgeous pixel art, an open world environment, and a fast-paced platforming gameplay, all thanks to community feedback and new technology. Developers have also assured players that they are working on fixing previous bugs and issues seen in the original game to make Spirit of Glace as good as it can be.

A trailer for the upcoming game has been released.

Visic commented on the new advancements, saying, “It’s been so much fun hearing from fans of the game over the years, and I always wanted to go back and revisit the world of Glace. I can’t express how honored I am to learn there’s still a community of players who love Glace and want to rally behind the new project. I draw so much inspiration from them.”

Though no official release date for the remake has been announced, old and new fans of the game can join the Spirit of Glace Discord server to keep up with all the updates and news about the game’s development, and even have an opportunity to shape the new game as it’s being remodeled and reworked for a more modern audience in 2020.

When Glace was intitially released in 2004, millions of people played it. It earned high praise from many gamers, with praises like, “one of the greatest freeware game[s] of all time.” Coin Arcade even described Glace as their “favourite indie games of all-time.” Spirit of Glace promises to uphold the nostalgic feel of the original game, by drawing on 80s gaming styles and trends for a contemporary audience.

Spirit of Glace will be released in the near future. No official release date has been announced at this time.

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