The Doom Vs. Quake Crossover You’ve Always Wanted Is Coming Soon

You'd have thought that this has already been done as of now, but it surprisingly hasn't. Someone has created a mod that makes two of Id Softwares biggest IPs, Doom and Quake, crossover. While you can't tell if it's a Doom mod for Quake, or a Quake mod for Doom, the creators have confirmed that the mod has been built using the Quake Darkplaces source port.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the mod has been created by Drugod and Wrath: Aeon of Ruin developer Nahuel. They have merged the maps and environments of the two classics to create something unique and nostalgic at the same time. According to Drugod, the modders will “merge enemies and maps, porting the entire Doom 1 and 2 bestiary, and making a new map merging Doom II’s map01 and E1M1 from Quake.”

This mod will finally fulfill your wish of taking on a Death Knight and Hell Knight at the same time. Considering the fact that everything is being merged, there are chances of you being able to wield Doom's Super Shotgun as well as Quake's Rocket Launcher, making it seem like a must-play for retro FPS fans. However, there's no word on a release date as of yet. Even the devs aren't too sure, but they hope it will be sometime soon.

However, it seems that we might also be getting a new Quake game – or a Doom 2016 styled reboot at least. A job listing on the Zenimax website revealed that Id Software was looking for a Senior Technical Animator, Skybox Artist, Environment Concept Artist, and a number of other roles for a "long-running iconic action FPS". Considering that Doom is the only other "long-running iconic action FPS" in Id's roster and it already got a reboot of its own, it can only mean that the studio is hiring staff to work on a new Quake game.

Additionally, the description under the Skybox Artist listing says that they would be responsible for "the visualization and implementation of AAA quality sci-fi and fantasy environmental vistas and skyboxes." That's another hint pointing towards a reboot for Quake.

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