The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion – 10 Things To Do After The Story

In The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, the story may end with Martin Septim's miraculous defeat of Mehrunes Dagon, but your journey is far from over. Citizens and guards across the land will remark on your deeds that stopped the Oblivion crisis in Tamriel, and yet their praises only tell a fraction of your story.

Once you have finished marveling at the massive statues of Akatosh and Dagon in the Imperial City, there are plenty of NPCs to meet, artifacts to hunt down, and

Daedric affairs to mettle in before you can retire to a quiet life as the Champion of Cyrodiil. Whether you are looking for powerful foes or want to enjoy a simple life among nature, there's something for you in Oblivion's packed post-game adventures.

10 Indulge Your Adoring Fan As Grand Champion

Veterans of Oblivion will be familiar with the Arena, located to the east of the Imperial City. The Arena presents an excellent source of combat for players to practice their timing and hone their skills against a variety of enemies and scenarios, including three-on-one battles.

However, after you run the gauntlet and decide the fate of former champion, The Gray Prince, you will be rewarded with gold, status, enemies to fight each week, and most importantly, one of Oblivion's most esoteric NPCs, The Adoring Fan. If you consent, The Adoring Fan will follow you around, gawking at your greatness and occasionally shouting about Azura during your adventure – offering a bit of comic relief as you wander through strongholds and sewers.

9 Dabble In Vampirism

Also known as Porphyric Hemophilia, Vampirism will completely alter your experience of Cyrodiil, necessitating that you keep your travel plans nocturnal. While it is possible to contract this disease randomly through combat, a more direct route to an undead life would be to visit Vicente Valtieri from The Dark Brotherhood. Valtieri will bestow the "gift" of Vampirism to you upon request.

Besides your aversion to the sunlight, you will be granted bonuses the further you progress your affliction by feeding on the blood of sleeping victims. Your appearance will change significantly as you progress through the advanced stages of Vampirism, and NPCs will occasionally remark on your nefarious nature. If feeding on humanoids and prowling the night don't do it for you, you can always cure your Vampirism – though, be aware that you can not transform back once cured.

8 Execute Dark Brotherhood Contracts

The Dark Brotherhood is a pathway to many abilities some consider unnatural, much like Vampirism. However, the most appealing draw of the Brotherhood is the quality of its quest lines, including the "Whodunit" quest, which places you in the middle of a house party where you must eliminate the guests.

After concluding the final Brotherhood mission, you can return to the Night Mother and receive contracts you can complete for gold. Besides being an excellent source of endgame loot farming, these contracts offer fun moments to create your own adventure as you set off in search of your targets.

7 Enjoy Some Botany

If you complete the Dark Brotherhood quest and have spoken to Sinderion in Skingrad, you will notice there are many useful potions to craft from the various forms of fauna found across the land, like Nirnroot. If all the murder and mayhem gets draining, why not spend some time foraging for rare herbs.

After you speak to Sinderion and harvest the requisite number of Nirnroot, you will be able to sell him your spare Nirnroot or use it to create valuable potions. You can either sell these potions or use them to augment yourself with additional health and abilities.

6 Exercise Your Archmage Privilege

The Mage's Guild questline offers notable benefits, including gaining the title of Archmage and access to special quarters at the Arcane University. Within your quarters are several respawning sources of soul gems and various ingredients for you to use on Enchanting and Alchemy, respectively.

If you have already completed the Nirnroot quest, you can use your leftover sprigs in tandem with the other rare ingredients to create very powerful potions. Once you have crafted and collected to your heart's content, you can store and display your hard-earned gear in the Archmage quarters, making it an excellent hub for endgame adventures.

5 Find The Invisible Village

When you're done crafting and carefully leveling up, you can go looking for some of the game's hidden side quests, like Zero Visibility. While the small village of Aleswell seems completely desolate, you will receive a quest upon discovering it – or via chatting with some locals at the nearby Roxey Inn.

As you stumble around, you may find yourself bumping into barriers or being attacked by unseen enemies. After enough searching, you will encounter Ancotar, who will inform you that everyone is invisible due to a spell gone wrong and will ask you to reverse it. Your success will grant you a permanently free bed to sleep in the next time you return to this mysterious location.

4 Become A Knight Of The Nine

The Knights of The Nine DLC adds a plethora of content, most notably a new faction of the same name. Upon joining their ranks as a crusader, you will gain access to new spells, items, NPCs, and more, such as the unique Knights of The Nine Divine Crusader armor set – which can only be equipped if you have an infamy level of one or less.

Role-playing is especially important in this DLC as you must exemplify a virtuous paradigm of the Nine, embarking on a holy pilgrimage to defeat Umaril the Unfeathered. You will want to complete this quest without wandering off midway to join the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild, as certain actions in those factions will force you to redo your pilgrimage to each Divine Wayshrine in order to reset your infamy and set down the righteous path again.

3 Explore The Shivering Isles

Oblivion's second major DLC offers one of the game's most immersive locations in addition to an extraordinarily bizarre storyline that concludes with a revelation that links you to the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath. The Shivering Isles are nothing like Cyrodiil, as its divided dimensions – Mania and Dementia – offer players a chance to delve into the drab and desolate or detour into a world of wild whimsy.

The true gift of the Shivering Isles, however, is Sheogorath and his off-the-wall monologues and musings that he offers the player throughout the story. The conflict between Sheogorath's unbridled chaos and Jyggalag's rigid order is only a part of the charm, as the various engaging and humorous quests will command your attention and excitement for hours.

2 Hunt Down The Daedric Artifacts

After your adventures in The Shivering Isles, you likely picked up some Daedric Artifacts from Sheogorath or Jyggalag, but those are far from the only wants to collect. Every Daedra Prince has their own shrine across Cyrodiil, with most of them requiring you to be at least level ten, though some require you to be at least level 20.

While some Princes may require other prerequisites to be met before they will speak to you, each Daedra Prince will make a request, sending you on a quest before relinquishing their prized artifact to you as their champion. Some artifacts are exceptionally powerful and well worth the effort, such as Mehrunes' Razor: an excellent unique dagger that was added via DLC.

1 Learn To Speedrun

For players who have seen it all and done it all, the best challenge will come from learning to complete the game in an entirely different way: speedrunning. Experts who have a craving for some Oblivion but don't want to put in the dozens of hours needed to complete the story casually can learn to complete the game in just a few minutes with some help from a video or two.

Some necessary glitches will require you to go out of bounds, giving you an experience that won't be anything like what the game has already offered. New tricks are always being discovered as the time to complete an entire run of the game approaches two minutes. If you fancy yourself an Oblivion master, this should be your next great challenge.

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