The Elder Scrolls Online: How To Unlock Every Collectible In High Isle

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  • Ghost Haven Caravel Memento
  • Crimson Bone Hammer Memento
  • Sapphire Heraldry Horn Emotes
  • Rielle Rescue Dog
  • Coral Haj Mota Pet
  • Stormsurge Howler Mount
  • Stormsurge Body Markings
  • Stormsurge Face Markings
  • Stonelore's Legend Body Paint
  • Stonelore's Legend Face Paint
  • Nighthunter's Cowl Hat
  • Courtly Traveling Attire Outfit

There are lots of different types of collectibles to unlock in The Elder Scrolls Online, including everything from non-combat pets to hats. If you love collecting every costume, unique riding mount, and memento in the game, then get excited for High Isle because there are tons of new collectibles to earn through gameplay.

The method for obtaining each of the items below varies, but usually, you have to complete a quest or find a lead to unlock them, with a few exceptions. Once you unlock a collectible on one character, you can equip and use it on any of your other characters as well. Get ready for the ultimate adventure in the High Isle chapter and say hello to all the new things you'll unlock along the way.

Ghost Haven Caravel Memento

The Ghost Haven Caravel memento is easy to unlock if you have a little free time. This collectible becomes available for you to use upon completion of the "Buried At The Bay" mission.

Travel to Ghost Haven Bay and speak to Ilyes Maul, who is the quest-giver for "Buried At The Bay." The exact location of Ghost Haven Bay is on the map above.

Crimson Bone Hammer Memento

The Crimson Bone Hammer is yet another memento you can unlock for completing a quest in the High Isle chapter. For this one, you need to complete the "Blood, Books, And Steel" quest. To start this mission, travel to the Spire Of The Crimson Coin and speak to Squire Rayan.

Simply follow your new quest to completion, and you'll unlock the Crimson Bone Hammer. You can find a map with the location of the Spire Of The Crimson Coin above.

Sapphire Heraldry Horn Emotes

There are three Sapphire Heraldry Horn Emotes to earn in total. You earn the first of the three by defeating five Tribute Founders in a match of Tales Of Tribute, including Nhorhim, Linyia, Fillia, The Author, and Murzaga Gra-Ghom.

The Sapphire Heraldry Horn Two emote is collectible by earning many achievements associated with Tales Of Tribute matches. The achievements include Dictum Of The Duke, Artaeum Assault, Rajhin's Trickery, Blood Benediction, Swordmaster's Splendor, Hircine's Bounty, Great House's Mandate, and Power Of Pyandonea.

Dictum Of The DukeUse the Duke Of Crows patron power ten times during Tales Of Tribute matches.
Artaeum AssaultUse the Psijic Loremaster Celarus's patron power ten times during Tales Of Tribute matches.
Rajhin's TrickeryUse the Purring Liar's patron power ten times during Tales Of Tribute matches.
Blood BenedictionUse Saint Pelon's patron power ten times during Tales Of Tribute matches.
Swordmaster's SplendorUse the Frandar Hunding's patron power ten times during Tales Of Tribute matches.
Hircine's BountyUse King Of The Reach's patron power ten times during Tales Of Tribute matches.
Great House's MandateUse Grandmaster Delmine Hlaalu's patron power ten times during Tales Of Tribute matches.
Power Of PyandoneaUse Sorcerer-King Orgnum's patron power ten times during Tales Of Tribute matches.

The Sapphire Heraldry Horn Three emote is a collectible you can earn by completing ranked matches of the Tales Of Tribute card game. You need to finish over 100 Tales Of Tribute ranked matches in total, which is quite a commitment of time. However, this objective is easy since you don't have to win the matches, only compete.

Rielle Rescue Dog

The Rielle Rescue Dog is an adorable non-combat pet you can earn by completing the "Challenges From The Past" quest, which revolves around the Tales Of Tribute card game. This quest begins in Skywatch, which is a city in the Auridon zone.

Coral Haj Mota Pet

Non-combat pets are one of the most notable collectibles you can unlock in The Elder Scrolls Online. Everyone loves a pet, whether it be cute or fierce, and the Coral Haj Mota is a little bit of both depending on your perspective.

You can unlock the Coral Haj Mota Pet by collecting 25 Coral Haj Mota Decoys from the Spire Of The Crimson Coin and 25 Coral Haj Mota Lures from Ghost Haven Bay. Both of these locations are public dungeons, and you can earn the items by defeating enemies within them.

Stormsurge Howler Mount

The Stormsurge Howler mount is a beautiful blue color. It's very similar to the Storm Atronach Wolf mount, which is a Crown Store exclusive item. The Stormsurge Howler is both a wolf along with the Storm Atronach theme. However, it's still a majestic mount that's worth collecting if you like its style.

Unfortunately, the Stormsurge Howler is very difficult to obtain, as to get it, you have to unlock every achievement in Dreadsail Reef, the new trial in High Isle. This includes completion of the trifecta, which requires you to complete Dreadsail Reef on hardmode, with no group deaths, all within 30 minutes of starting the trial.

You need a very organized group to earn every achievement in Dreadsail Reef, so the Stormsurge Howler mount is one of the toughest collectibles to earn in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Stormsurge Body Markings

You can earn the Stormsurge Body Markings by completing the Dreadsail Reef trial on veteran difficulty. Due to the challenge of this trial, you'll need a group of 12 players before you can even attempt this content. The markings are blue in color and also quite shiny, though.

Stormsurge Face Markings

The Stormsurge Face Markings are blue and only appear on one side of your character's face. You unlock these markings by defeating every major boss in Veteran Dreadsail Reef on hardmode. You also can't gain the benefits of any Prismatic Resonances if you wish to earn these markings.

The three boss fights you need to defeat on hardmode include Lylanar and Turlassil, the Reef Guardian, and Tideborn Taleria.

Stonelore's Legend Body Paint

The Stonelore's Legend Body Paint is yet another new body marking in High Isle. You can only unlock this collectible through the completion of the "To Catch A Magus" quest. To begin this mission, travel to the eastern section of Gonfalon Bay and talk with Lady Arabelle.

Before being able to start this quest, you need to complete the "Of Knights And Knaves," "People Of Import," Deadly Investigations," and "Escape From Amenos" quests.

She'll grant you the "To Catch A Magus" mission, and upon completion, you'll unlock the Stonelore's Body Paint forever. This paint is black and consists of a strange pattern.

Stonelore's Legend Face Paint

To unlock the Stonelore's Legend Face Paint, you need to accept and complete the "People Of Import" mission in the High Isle chapter. To start this quest, you have to repeat the first steps of the previous paint: Travel to the eastern side of Gonfalon Bay, the primary city in the High Isle zone, and speak with a woman named Lady Arabelle, who will grant you the "People Of Import" quest – that is, if you're far enough along in the High Isle storyline.

Before you can begin the "People Of Import" mission, you need to complete the "Of Knives And Knaves" quest.

The Stonelore's Legend Face Paint isn't particularly notable in appearance. It consists of a few crooked patterns on one side of the face which appear to be drawn on with dark ink.

Nighthunter's Cowl Hat

The Nighthunter's Cowl is one of the easier collectibles to unlock in the High Isle chapter. This hat consists of an owl theme, which looks perfect with many costumes and outfit styles. You earn the Nighthunter's Cowl by unlocking the lead for it, then scrying and excavating for it in the High Isle zone.

You can get the lead for the Nighthunter's Cowl by traveling to the location above and searching for a pile of arrows to the right of the waterfall and up the hill. You can pick up the lead from there and then immediately scry for it in your menu. Upon successfully scrying the Nighthunter's Cowl lead, you need to travel to the dig site and excavate it.

Courtly Traveling Attire Outfit

To unlock the Courtly Traveling Attire costume, you need to travel to the All Flags Islet and speak to Lady Arabelle near the coast. Speaking to her will grant you the "A Chance For Peace" quest, which upon completion, rewards you with the Courtly Traveling Attire costume.

The prerequisite quests you need to complete to unlock this mission include "Of Knights And Knaves," "People of Import," "Deadly Investigations," "Escape From Amenos," "To Catch A Magus," and "The Ascendant Storm."

The costume itself is quite unique, and it looks like a set of clothing that a noble would wear. The Courtly Traveling Attire features primarily dark colors by default, but you can change its color at an Outfit Station using dyes you've unlocked.

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