The Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Going To Oblivion In 2021

During The Game Awards 2020 tonight, it was revealed that the upcoming expansion for the popular Elder Scrolls Online will be taking players to “The Gates of Oblivion” next year. Bringing three different generations of Elder Scrolls games under one hood, Online has really become something of a “Smash Bros. Ultimate” for Bethesda’s ridiculously popular series.

While we only have a teaser, for now, Bethesda will be holding an official unveiling on January 21, 2021, over on its Twitch channel. This will likely explain if the entire region of Cyrodill will be entering the game or just the Oblivion expanse. At either rate, this is a pretty big DLC pack for fans of the franchise.

Despite launching in a rocky state back in 2014, The Elder Scrolls Online has come a long way. With expansions adding both Morrowind and Skyrim into the mix, Bethesda is pretty dang close to recreating the entirety of its regions under one umbrella. Fans would maybe prefer to have this as a single-player, offline experience, but exploring such vast regions with friends is a joy that is unparalleled.

Gates of Oblivion is also pulling from my personal favorite Elder Scrolls title, IV. While a little dated in the 14 years since its release, Oblivion was one of those true “next-gen” titles back in 2006. It showed us a look at what the Xbox 360 generation would bring and created an absolutely breathtaking visual experience for gamers. I still have a fondness for it, even if Morrowind and Skyrim are better on a technical level.

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