The Final Fantasy 14 Free Trial Is Apparently A Meme In Japan Now

The Final Fantasy 14 free trial has seemingly become a meme in Japan, with both Naoki Yoshida and Yosuke Saito referencing it during a recent livestream.

Have you heard about the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy 14? Well, chances are that you have thanks to a popular meme based on adverts for the game. The adverts debuted back in 2021 and featured someone trying to convince their friends to try out Final Fantasy 14 through its free trial and quickly became perfect meme material thanks to the phrasing used.

Although the English Final Fantasy 14 Twitter has even referenced the memes since they released, there's not been much joking about it from the Japanese social media accounts, possibly because the adverts were intended for an English audience. That made it unclear if the meme was known about in Japan, but a recent Nier Reincarnation stream has proven without a doubt that it's become a meme there as well.

Final Fantasy 14's director, Naoki Yoshida, took part in the most recent Nier Reincarnation stream with the game's producer, Yosuke Saito. As shared by aitaikimochi, Yoshida takes a second during the live stream to advertise the Final Fantasy 14 free trial, where Saito starts to play along and replicate the meme, much to the amusement of Yoshida.

Yoshida says, "So there's a free trial for Final Fantasy 14…", to which Saito responds with "Pfft I can't believe I'm listening to this live". Yoshida continues to say that the trial is free before Saito yells "FREE UNTIL LEVEL 60?!", riffing on the lines from the original advert. Yoshida replies, "Uh, yes", clearly in on the joke, before Saito finishes the bit with "THAT INCLUDES ALL OF HEAVENSWARD?!".

Although it was unlikely that Yoshida hadn't heard of the memes considering how active he is in Final Fantasy 14's community and because of his role as the game's director, seeing someone unrelated to the game's development, in this case Yosuke Saito, reference the memes unprompted makes it pretty clear that the joke has become common place in Japan as well.

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