The Grammy Awards Adds Category For Video Game Scores

Video games have been home to some incredible tunes for decades now, but it seems that only in recent years are they finally getting the recognition they deserve. For example, video games will be showcased as part of the BBC’s summer Prom series later this year, with Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, and Dear Esther headlining the bill.

And another example comes courtesy of The Grammy Awards, which has just added a new category that honors video game soundtracks. The award is called the "best score soundtrack for video games and other interactive media," and it will be added to the categories awarded for the 65th Grammy Awards scheduled for next year.

The Grammy’s best video game soundtrack award "recognizes excellence in score soundtrack albums comprised predominately of original scores and created specifically for, or as a companion to, a current video game or other interactive media released within the qualification period."

Other awards recently added include songwriter of the year (non-performing, non-producing), best alternative music performance, best Americana performance, and best spoken word poetry album.

"We're so excited to honor these diverse communities of music creators through the newly established awards and amendments, and to continue cultivating an environment that inspires change, progress and collaboration," said Harvey Mason jr., CEO of the Recording Academy. "The Academy's top priority is to effectively represent the music people that we serve, and each year, that entails listening to our members and ensuring our rules and guidelines reflect our ever-evolving industry."

Although not previously an official category, The Grammy's have at least recognized video games' contributions to music twice before. Just this year, Kirby And The Forgotten Land won the award for best arrangement, instrumental, or acapella version of a song for its rearrangement of "Meta Knight's Revenge", a song that originally appeared in Kirby Super Star for the SNES. Composers Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman accepted the award.

In other musical news, The Sonic the Hedgehog Symphony is going on tour. As revealed during Sonic Central, the Sonic orchestra will begin its world tour at the Brazil Game Show in October, with further dates and locations to be revealed in the coming weeks. We normally think of Sonic as a rock star hedgehog, but it seems like he can enjoy the classics when the mood strikes.

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