The Last Of Us Part 2 Has A Great Dodge Technique To Escape Bloaters

Now that the initial shock and controversy of The Last of Us Part 2 has worn off, fans are really digging their heels in with game exploration. Multiple Easter Eggs and techniques have been discovered in Naughty Dog’s sequel, and this latest dodge animation is a doozy.

Imagine you’re in a confined space with a Bloater, cornering you at any given moment. As its large, bulbous mass offers minimal space between it and your firearm, aiming becomes limited, but not for this fan who recently uncovered a great technique. Redditor oTrutaPS5 shared a clip of Ellie facing the aforementioned circumstances and proceeds to back up whilst the Bloater comes in swinging. As the enemy lashes out, Ellie takes a dive backwards, falling on the ground, but manages to aim her shotgun at the same time and blast the Bloater to pieces from her fallen position.

The post’s comment section came alive with appreciative fans who now have a new technique to use during their next playthrough. Many were unaware of the technique, but were in awe of its advantages. The user explained that this maneuver was achieved by holding the circle button and pressing the left trigger at the same time. This will perform a dive while sprinting and ready your weapon in tandem, to perform the perfect dodge and counterattack. Other users commented on how realistic and natural the movement by Ellie was, adding to Naughty Dog’s list of merits for the series’ design.

The Redditor has been on a discovery streak with The Last of Us Part 2, as they shared another clever tip to save ammo not so long ago. This clip demonstrated how Ellie could essentially feed one infected to another as a distraction technique, allowing her to then jump behind the munching Clicker and kill it with a melee weapon. The user was playing the game on Grounded mode and vouched for the technique’s efficiency in saving ammo.

Your next fix of The Last of Us will be HBO’s live-action show which has cast Game of Thrones actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the treasured roles of Joel and Ellie. Because its premiere date is no doubt a while away, one fan has used the concerning powers of deepfake technology to place Pascal and Ramsey’s face over the characters, and it’s pretty impressive.

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