The Last Stand: Aftermath Is An Upcoming Sequel To The Popular Flash Game

The popular Adobe Flash zombie series The Last Stand has returned for its fifth title, The Last Stand: Aftermath, that’s scheduled to launch in 2021 on PC. Con Artist Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming title, that is armed and ready to explore new ideas.

The Last Stand series has taken four titles under its arsenal since 2007, when it first introduced survivor Jack and his defense against the unwavering zombie horde. Aftermath will pick up 15 years after the events of the series’ third release The Last Stand: Union City, and will be based around a group of survivors banished from the “The End”; a retreat in Union City.

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Game director of Con Artist Games Chris Condon has spoken out on Aftermath’s fresh approach to the roguelite series, but assured fans that it will maintain the atmosphere of its predecessors. In Aftermath, your protagonist has more to worry about than mindless zombies, as the main character has also been infected and must use their final days to gather supplies for fellow comrades. As one survivor dies, players will automatically be in control of another, retaining the progress made by those who have come before. Aftermath’s pitch asks the question, “How much can you give before you are gone forever?”

Condon has also stated the challenges involved in developing Aftermath, that combines the team’s plethora of ideas with the original mechanics that gave this series a recipe for success. Condon explained how the Kickstarter campaign would allow the development team to drive Aftermath to achieve its full potential, and provide fans with an exhilarating, new endeavor. The team has now entered into the final lap of the development stage, and have openly stated the benefits of bringing in the support from fans to achieve common goals.

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