The Pokemon Anime Just Trolled Everyone Hoping To See Ash’s Dad

The Pokemon anime just trolled everyone who was hoping that we might get a glimpse of Ash's dad before Ash and Pikachu leave the series for good early next year.

One of the longest-running mysteries in the entirety of Pokemon is the identity of Ash's father. We've known Ash's mum, Delia, from the very first episode of the anime, but very little has ever been said about Ash's dad since the series began, aside from the fact that he's apparently a Pokemon trainer just like Ash. The most concrete thing we've ever heard from Ash about his dad was in Secrets of the Jungle, but even that didn't reveal much.

Considering how much of a loose thread the identity of Ash's father is, many Pokemon fans have been hoping that the anime will finally show him off before Ash and Pikachu leave the series for good in 2023. It seems like you might want to lower your expectations if you're hoping for that, though, as the Pokemon anime seemingly just trolled the whole community about Ash's dad one last time.

As reported by Twitter user Akilvers, in today's episode of the Pokemon anime, titled The Distant Blue Sky, Ash is told that his dad is waiting for him at the Pokemon Centre. Ash ends up getting caught in the episode's main plot while making his way over there, only to find that his dad has left him by the time he reaches the Centre. You really couldn't wait five more minutes to see your son, the World Champion?

Although that was clearly a little way to tease fans who were hoping to finally meet Ash's dad, he did leave Ash a present that's sure to get long-time fans emotional anyway – Ash's hat from the first season of the anime. Oh god, it's starting to feel a bit real, isn't it?

There are still a fair few episodes left of Ash and Pikachu's run in the Pokemon anime, which means that there is a chance that Mr Ketchum will show up at some point, but it seems more likely that it'll continue to be a mystery.

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