The Sims 4 Wedding Stories: All New Suits, Ranked

The Sims 4's My Wedding Stories pack is a mixed bag, with some of its features being notoriously glitchy, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the new outfits rule. While there’s never been a lack of formal dresses for your sims to strut their stuff in, suits are a different story. Luckily, My Wedding Stories has got you covered.

With a ton of new options to pick from, it’s easier than ever to get your sims ready for their big wedding day (or just to let them feel fancy). From the three-piece suit to intricately embroidered sherwani, My Wedding Stories gives you precisely what you need to make your sims look incredible when they say their 'I Do's. Or when they leave their poor fiancé at the altar. That's up to you.

10 Back To Basics: The Vest

Many of My Wedding Stories’ new outfits are more laid back than formal, and this vest and tie combo is no exception. There’s nothing particularly memorable about it, though. It's a basic look, better suited for the party wear category than for formal wear.

You have so many better, brighter, and more exciting options than this. No sim wants to go to their own wedding to only look okay.

9 Maybe Fashion, Maybe Not: Turtleneck And Jacket

This particular suit seems to be more of a sim of honor look than one you’d naturally pick to dress your soon-to-be-married sim. It has a turtleneck, which isn’t something everyone can pull off, including sims. While you could pick it for the more casual events in your wedding planning, it looks uncomfortable and excessive.

The cut of the jacket looks loose on every sim and is not exactly flattering. While there are some fun two-tone versions of this suit, it can’t save how oddly boxy the top looks. A decent choice, but definitely not for the sim at the altar. Maybe leave this one to your guests.

8 Grandpa's Favorite: Suspenders And Bow Tie

Your sim will forego a jacket entirely for this outfit, opting instead for suspenders and a bow tie to accent their crisp shirt. If there's a word to describe this outfit as a whole, that word is "cute."

Laid-back and less formal, this look is ideal for engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, or even bachelor parties if you want your sim to feel fancy while they’re partying it up with their friends. Or for trying to start the next big indie rock band. Your call.

7 Where We're Going We Don't Need Shirts: Open Blazer

Sometimes, you just want to let it all hang loose. This suit is as close as you’re going to get in My Wedding Stories. It’s probably not the most appropriate look for the groom at a wedding, considering the very open chest, but who cares about weddings when you have a bachelor party to star in?

The deep v-neck of the suit jacket gives it a very casual, breezy feel, perfect for low-key gatherings or a more boho vibe for your marriage ceremony. So if you, or your sim, are willing to push the boundaries of fashion on the big day, this jacket stands as the perfect option for a beach wedding.

6 Here To Stay: The Pantsuit

Not all the suits in Wedding Stories are in the masculine clothing section. Your brides-to-be also can forego the dress shopping and instead opt for a clean-cut suit. They'll look just as fabulous as their partner when they walk down the aisle.

With one button, a blouse beneath, and color accenting the pockets, this suit is perfect for a sim that just doesn’t vibe with dresses or jumpsuits. It also looks much more comfortable than almost all the other formal wear, regardless of gender. Hitting just the right balance between fun and formal, this suit is a real winner for you and your sim.

5 Nothing But The Classics: The Three-Piece Suit

A western classic, the three-piece’s strength comes from its ability to pair perfectly with whatever your sim’s partner is wearing. Coming in various colors, it doesn’t limit your options or your potential dramatic flair. It is a wedding, after all – you should have a bit of drama to liven things up.

Everyone can and does look good in a three-piece suit, and your sims are no exception. Besides, what says "fancy" as perfectly as a flattering waistcoat? Pin a flower to your lapel, and you’ve got yourself a timeless look. But don't worry, your sim will probably not outshine their partner. Probably.

4 Right Steps: The Kurta

The Sims 4 team has made great strides in the name of inclusion and visibility of all types, and the addition of the kurta, a traditional garment worn mainly by Islamic cultures, is another step in this direction. Its inclusion fosters visibility and multiculturalism and makes the world of the Sims, fantastical as it can be, feel more real.

With many shades to choose from and a great silhouette to boot, the kurta is a beautiful and versatile addition to The Sims 4's collection of formal wear.

3 A Bit Of Tradition: Qun Kwa And Cheongsam

It took a surprisingly long time for the Sims to include Chinese formal wear, especially after the inclusion of the yukata and kimono in the Snowy Escape expansion pack. Luckily, the Sims team delivered with the Qun Kwa and Cheongsam, which look just about as luxurious and silky as a piece of sim clothing can.

Even though all sims are basically the same height, these two outfits have a lengthening effect, making your sim seem taller. Like all your other formal wear choices, you have a bunch of swatches to pick from, and you can decide what color suits your sim's needs best, though the classic and vibrant reds are very hard to beat.

2 Loosen Up: Jacket And Tie

While you have the option to keep the jacket muted and more in line with a traditional wedding, why would you? This jacket lets you play around with numerous colors and patterns, transforming the standard blazer and tie combo and making it unique and fun. After all, who doesn’t want to get married in a floral print suit? Your sim will thank you for making them stand out in a sea of plain black and blues.

Technically a different outfit, but if you want to make a mini-story to show how your sim's wedding is going, there is also the option for a version of this look without the jacket, replaced with an undone tie. Perfect for when things get a little rowdy after too many toasts.

1 Celebration Time: The Sherwani

The Indian sherwani is the pinnacle of good sim clothing, even outside My Wedding Stories. The Sims team clearly put a lot of thought and effort into getting all the details just right, from the delicate embroidery to the jewellery on the turbans. The sherwani’s default color in Create-A-Sim is an eye-catching bright red, though that doesn't mean the other variations aren't just as gorgeous.

There are three variations of the whole outfit to choose from, two with different styles of turban and one without; regardless, they all look fantastic. Regardless of My Wedding Stories' issues with gameplay or glitches, the addition of the sherwani, and what it represents for the future of inclusivity in The Sims as a series makes it worth it.

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