The Tale Of Bistun: Enemy Guide

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As you explore the world of The Tale Of Bistun, you'll get to explore a range of natural environments. You'll also encounter the remains of great civilizations and attempt to leave your mark as a stone carver. However, corruption has taken over the land infecting the trees and their roots, which is causing unnatural crystals to appear across the land.

You'll need to destroy them, but as you approach, monsters of various shapes and sizes will burst forth to defend the corruption. In order to make sure you clear out each affected area, it's best to know your enemy.


The first enemies you encounter in the game will come to be known as Ghoulches. They appear as small goblin-like creatures that are grayish. Despite their small size, they're quite tenacious and fast. When they burst out from the crystals, they will run right towards you in order to scratch you.

They're quite weak and can be dispatched easily with a good combo, but don't let them surround you. Weapon abilities can destroy them in a single hit, but those are best saved for stronger opponents.


These creatures make a haunting appearance in a swamp-like area where they can be heard launching in the distance. Appearing as a combination of harpy and witch, these dark hooded figures are the only enemies with access to magic.

They attack by shooting purple orbs of energy that will come in and follow you around until they dissipate. The orbs are slow moving and the Paries will always move away from you in order to attack. Use the Hatchets to dispatch them quickly and their ranged ability can be useful in hunting them down.


These are the first beefy opponents you encounter, usually appearing with a loud roar. They appear as bulky satyrs covered in plants and wielding a large wooden stick. Their only attack is to swing at you with a stick, and they're almost always encountered with a partner or weaker enemies.

The Pickaxe is best for hitting them at a reach with good damage, and the AoE ability can be useful to deal heavy damage while eliminating any surrounding weaker enemies. They can sometimes power through combos so be ready to dodge.

Gariban Vars Soldiers

Later in the adventure, you'll actually get to fight corrupted humanoid enemies. Whether these men at some point served the king, they're now committed to killing you. The soldiers are notable for having spears and carrying large shields.

First, you'll need to attack them with either combos or abilities in order to destroy their shields, making them vulnerable. Once exposed, they can be defeated fast, but be wary of counterattacks while they have the shields up. They usually attack in a surrounding formation, so you should avoid getting trapped.


Of all the enemies in The Tale Of Bistun, Velgard can be seen as the most mischievous. Slightly larger than Ghoulches, these pranksters are notable for their red clothing and frail-looking bodies. It's likely because of this that they resort to their main form of attack, which is throwing rocks at you.

Though the rocks only travel in a straight line, they can move incredibly fast, so keep your distance to give you more time to dodge. You can run up to Velgard with any weapon you have to defeat them with a few hits, but note that they may swipe at you so stay alert.

Guardian Deev

The last type of monster you'll encounter could serve as a mini-boss as it towers over you. The Guardian Deev is a combination of creatures, but still possesses many of the qualities of a satyr. They're towering, hulking beasts that lumber around with a large piece of lumber as their weapon. Despite how slow they are, they can lash out with a flurry of attacks dealing massive damage.

Guardian Deev are most vulnerable after just attacking, so try to bait them out. If they appear surrounded by other enemies, take the weaker ones out first before turning your attention to the Guardian Deev. The Pickaxe is more useful in terms of damage, but the Hatchets' ability will let you strike from a distance.

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