The Top 10 Open World Games To Play Right Now

There was a time when video games were largely linear affairs. You either moved up and down or from left to right in enclosed spaces. As technology evolved, so did the scope of digital worlds. Now players are regularly treated to expansive environments filled with quests, interesting characters, and horizons that stretch further with every console generation. These experiences consume dozens if not hundreds of hours, and as more of them flood the market, knowing which titles are worth the time investment has become crucial. To that end, we’ve assembled a list of 10 great modern open-world games available today to help make what can be a paralyzing decision a little easier. These are listed in no particular order and don’t necessarily represent the best games of all time. Rather, this will be an ever-changing list of quality titles to arrive in recent years that you should go out of your way to get lost in.  

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn’s post-apocalyptic United States acts as one giant mystery. Modern humanity fell centuries ago, though humankind continues on in small, tribal societies. All that remains of the former civilization are sentient, robotic animals that inhabit the land as naturally as any living creature. As the warrior Aloy, uncovering the truth behind mankind’s collapse, the origin of these mechanical beasts, and your connection to it all serve as effective hooks that, thankfully, stick the landing by the end. The robots themselves serve as the main attraction by presenting entertaining battles that force players to strategically dismantle them part by part. Horizon Zero Dawn is also a technical powerhouse. The game is drop-dead gorgeous, and the juxtaposition of futuristic and primitive aesthetics make it stand out amongst a crowded sea of similarly designed titles. While the game’s mission design won’t surprise open-world veterans, few settings have proven as alluring in their premise as Aloy’s. | Our Review

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