The Wizard's – Dark Times Release Date Revealed, Now A Full Sequel

You won’t have to wait much longer to dive back into the world of The Wizards.

The Wizards – Dark Times, the sequel to Carbon Studio’s magical VR combat game, arrives on PC VR headsets on June 4th. It will cost $24.99 and be available on both the Oculus Store and Steam. Check out the first gameplay trailer for the game below.

In The Wizards series, players use a range of gesture-based controls to summon spells, conjuring swords and arrows out of thin air. Whereas the original game in the series was more of an arena-based battler, Dark Times places a focus on linear-progression, appearing more like an actual campaign. We played it at Gamescom last year and liked what we saw.

Carbon announced Dark Times as part of our E3 VR Showcase last year. At the time, the developer referred to the follow-up as a standalone expansion. However, in a press release today, producer Jakub Pander explained that the expansion had itself expanded into a full sequel.

“Since Gamescom 2019, where the Dark Times’ press demo received overwhelming praise, we decided to extend the scale of the project,” Pander said. Carbon states that the game is now similar in scope to the original. There will also be free post-launch content updates.

There’s no word yet on possible PSVR and Oculus Quest versions of the game, though the original title arrived on both. To date, The Wizards series has sold over 100,000 copies.

Are you going to be playing The Wizards – Dark Times next month? Let us know in the comments below!

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