There Are Some Good Mods For Bringing More Roleplaying Into Skyrim

People don’t really seem to dispute the fact that Skyrim is a beautiful game (though there is some debate about the gameplay), but one aspect that most will agree on—it does not involve enough of the role-playing element, despite it being an RPG. Luckily, mods exist!

There are mods for all sorts of different things including faster leveling, surreal lighting, and even a magical College of Winterhold. But if you’re looking to bring more of that role-playing element into this game to make up for its shortcomings, these are some that you can check out.

The Choice Is Yours

One of the frustrating parts about Skyrim is that you don’t get a choice in whether or not you want to sign up for a quest. If you speak to someone, often times a quest will be immediately added into your quest log (which grows way too big way too quickly), and you get zero agency in the matter. This mod allows players to decide which quests they want to take part in.

Your Choices Matter – A Dark Brotherhood Expansion SSE

Compared to The Witcher 3, this mod allows for your choices to actually matter, a serious way in which Skyrim falls short. This one is centered around the Dark Brotherhood questline, but the ending that you get will be different depending on the choices that you make throughout.

More To Say

Exactly what it sounds like, this mod simply adds more dialogue. Whether it’s your own character’s dialogue options or that of the NPC, there is simply more for everyone, making the game feel fuller in content.

Skyrim Unbound

There is quite a bit to this mod, starting with the fact that the player can choose to start the game as someone who isn’t Dragonborn. In addition to that, the player can choose their starting point, the need to participate in the civil war, and whether they want to start as a vampire or werewolf.

Follower Death and Injury Chance – Followers Can Die

Nothing is more annoying than having a follower who can’t die. How realistic is that? This mod allows followers to die (though not terribly often) and take damage. This adds a level of realism that Skyrim desperately needs.

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