There’s Already A Cyber Space Fix Mod For Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers might introduce a bunch of new features to the series, but its linear Cyber Space levels sometimes feel like they're straight out of Sonic Forces. Playing like older Sonic levels we've all blasted through before, they are proving to be the most divisive aspect of Frontiers, with many feeling that, for whatever reason, something is just off about them.

But now, we have a mod that might rectify this. Just days after launch, Game Banana user BeatzYT3 released the "Improved Physics" mod for Sonic Frontiers, which has a particular focus on making Cyber Space levels way less frustrating. The mod also adds a sense of momentum throughout the game, something that many were disappointed not to see in the final product.

According to the mod's description, it "tweaks both Cyber Space and Open-Zone physics to have momentum and overall a better flow to gameplay."

Since creating the mod, BeatzYT3 has released various updates, all focusing on making the game even faster and smoother. The most recent patch makes it so that non-Boost jumping no longer gets rid of all of your momentum, and changes how it feels to turn in Cyber Space depending on your current speed. It also makes your non-Boost speed faster in general, meaning you don't have to spam the mechanic if you're trying to S rank a stage.

Judging by the comments, the tweaked physics are working wonders for fans who want to go fast without mucking up the Cyber Space levels. It's even coming in handy in the Open-Zone islands, allowing players to run through the world without being slowed down when they have to jump, climb a wall, or run up a slope to get to where they need to go. After all, Sonic is at his best when he's going fast.

Overall, the Sonic community has wasted no time with Frontiers, already releasing a bunch of mods for the new game. As we covered a couple of days ago, you can swap Sonic's character model out for an older one – or for a different character altogether. It's well worth keeping an eye on the modding community, as they've clearly got a whole lot of ideas on how to improve the game.

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