Things That Make No Sense In Myth Of Empires

Myth Of Empires is one of the better MMOs in recent years, satisfying a crowd that has been looking for that next game to jump into. Unique in its own way, this survival journey lets you explore without restrictions, letting you roam where other games would tie you up in the narrative. It gets the important parts right, mixing in some new ideas that keep you playing.

While some things can be explained away by artistic choice or game style, others are general features that don't make a whole lot of sense when you come to think of it.

6 Chaotic Items

Gathering resources takes up a big chunk of playtime at any stage in the game, leading to bigger weapons and better armor. The amount of branches you get from one tree isn't based on size but how many times you hit the tree, throwing off the intuitive system that almost every other game uses. There's no point in going for the biggest rock in the quarry when you can get just as much from your average boulder.

Unreliable resources aren't a big deal when you have sufficient tools to get the job done quickly, unexpectedly finding a mini treasure chest of supplies in the smallest of places. Even though it can throw you off at first, this mechanic mixes up the often stagnant process of gathering resources, throwing some surprise into the mission.

5 A Waste Of Material

Resource management went awry again, getting rid of all materials when you destroy a structure. For a game that's so revolved around gathering materials, you'd think it'd let you keep them as much as possible. Forcing you to think through every decision is one way to focus the player, but a harsh punishment for structures made out of rare items.

Usually, games make the quality of life sacrifices in the name of realism or difficulty, but Myth Of Empires only made the game more tedious in the process. A little punishment makes the reward feel earned, but taking away resources for a misclick can be frustrating. It's as easy as misplacing a roof or door, throwing the whole structure off, and requiring some serious tinkering to fix it.

4 The Wrong Horse

Giving horses unique qualities that distinguish them from the pack is a great idea and turns the blanket transport in a game into something more. However, the horses in Myth of Empires move towards the nervous, with some becoming skittish and running from danger. The quality of life aspects strike again, the only time they want to be realistic outside of combat is to interrupt the flow.

Becoming obvious when you have multiple horses, one following the other with gear, and something unexpected pops up and rattles the horse. Reigning in horses or correcting a deviated path is more action than you expect. Oh, and that horse you've grown connected to after so many miles? You'll have to find a new friend when it decides it's finished with you.

3 Map Layout

Beginners will realize that when you start wandering around with no knowledge of the terrain it will shock you quickly. Stumbling into a high-level area isn't immediately noticeable, you'll be strolling along a riverbank when a rhino comes out of nowhere and ends the game for you.

Only the end-game area (the desert) is obvious from the terrain – stay away until you're at least a level 40. Aside from that, it will take some getting used to before you learn the danger zones, or you can look up spawn locations. A little warning wouldn't hurt, especially when you're setting up base only to walk into a Crocodile attack.

2 Crowded Battles

Coming out of the gates with servers sizes between 100-200 people, Myth of Empires can feel a little cramped in PvP. The game's popularity sees over 15,000 players at a time, some of which belong to guilds that could fill up a server with only two groups. The tides of battle can turn very fast in Myth Of Empire's, leaving one victor without any significant enemies to come up against, a quick route to a stale server.

Upping the limit and letting battles take place with room for bystanders would open up the gameplay, building tension and adding spice to the storyline between guilds. Once the game continues to grow, and new features get added, queue waiting times are going to become a problem when the team is fighting for position and resources across the map.

1 The Art Of Taming Elephants

One of the stranger mechanics in the game is taming the great beasts that roam the most hostile areas on the map. Taming a horse is intuitive, gradually calming it down while they try to buck you off, leading to an obedient companion you can use as a mount. Rhinos and Elephants require a little more physical labor, first luring them into a cage before repeatedly knocking them out.

First, you'll need to go down to a body of water to find them drinking, followed by you annoying them enough that they chase you into a giant animal cage. The animal will drop fodder when you knock it out, food that you have to give it before knocking it out again in a strange cycle. Great for large groups or sieges, Elephants and Rhinos end up being worth it to go through this twisted procedure.

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