This Steam Game Costs $200 (And Has One Level)

Video games might be getting pretty pricey in this day and age, but it’s unlikely that you’ve seen something like Super Fight, a fighting game on Steam that is currently available for $199. We can’t exactly say you’re getting much bang for your buck either, as the game only has one playable level.

Super Fight gives you two characters to choose from, at which point you’ll be tasked with taking down a group of green mohawk-sporting bad guys. The level only takes about a minute or two to complete, at which point you can choose to start over if you’d like. Exciting, right?’

As to why a game as simple as this is priced so steeply, only the creator truly has the answer to that. Our best guess is that Super Fight was merely a practice in game developing, and was never meant to make money. So why not put it up for $200?

The game actually does have a few negative reviews, meaning that people have paid to play it. Thankfully, Steam offers a full refund within two weeks of purchase as long as you’ve played the game for less than 2 hours. We’re guessing anyone who bought it took advantage of that refund.

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