This Very Real Gaming PC Can Also Pour You A Drink

The Hydrator is the latest creation from Newegg – a very real gaming PC that offers up ray tracing, 4K resolutions… and the ability to mix you a drink. While the funky PC was actually built in-house at Newegg and has been serving up drinks for the past week, the prank product is unavailable for purchase.

Newegg’s description for the semi-fake product is pure gold. I’m also convinced that, if the Hydrator ever goes on sale, it’ll sell out incredibly fast.

“As the line between our online lives and our meat-space time blurs more and more, it’s crucial that your PC becomes more than just a tool for work or play,” reads the announcement. “It must adapt and bridge the narrowing gap between smart appliance and home computer.”

Newegg continues: “We realize that there are two major biological needs that take you away from your PC, and while we haven’t mastered our strategy for one of them yet, we have conquered the need to get up and grab a drink. To that end, we here at Newegg are proud to introduce the first in a new line of products we call “PC-PLIANCES.” Meet the Newegg Hydrator, powered by Intel, built by ENIAC.”

There’s also a short video showing off the April Fool’s product in action:

The Frankenstein-monster-like device comes with a list of specs that put lesser PCs to shame, including:

  • Over 1200ml fluid capacity
  • 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPU
  • Wood-E Droid 2.0 Raspberry Pi-powered mixologist
  • Light-metal, Heavy-water
  • Mostly non-toxic

It’s even said to come with over 100 pre-programmed mixed beverages, letting you quench your thirst mid-game regardless of your drinking preferences.

Not only did Newegg actually build a functioning Hydrator, it even went ahead and built a legit product page on its website. The fake PC retails for $10,010.01 – although, any attempt to make a purchase results in an “April Fools” notification.

As far as pranks go, this one is going to be hard to beat.

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