This Week In Overwatch (4/5-4/11)

This looks to be another busy week in the world of esports as the Overwatch League continues into its second week of online-only competition, wrapping up Week 9 of matchups following the reorganization of events. This was put into place following concerns over the spread of Covid-19 at traditional events with players and fans, and so far, it has been working well.

With the week’s events taking place from April 4-6, players can next catch the live action from April 11-12.

In an unusual display of immature behavior, a pair of Overwatch streamers have received disciplinary action for inappropriate chat throughout a league patch. Los Angeles Valiant’s Jung-Won “Lastro” Mun or San Francisco Shock’s Dong-Jun “Rascal” probably assumed that their chat was private, and all to quickly discovered that this was not the case after several “big dick” comments.

The chat was unfortunately viewed by teammates, casters, and anyone who might have been watching the public streams. Blizzard fined both players $1000, and since the error lay mostly in believing that the chat was only among themselves, no other disciplinary action is listed. This will surely have most players thinking twice when choosing their words at competitive events.

Finally, there is no news yet on the release date of Echo, and players are probably wondering if they will be seeing the new character anytime soon after releasing her into the PTR in March.

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