This Week In Overwatch (May Week 1)

There is quite a bit happening in the world of Overwatch this week, beginning with the decision of Michael Chu Ricardo Mireles, the Associate Creative Director of the game, to leave Blizzard this week, following an impressive seven years with the organization. Mireles will now be taking on the role of Associate Creative Director for VALORANT at Riot Games.

A major change was made in the last couple of days with regards to Hero Pools, which at this point feels like a running joke, as Blizzard does not seem able to decide on a format for their game years after its release. Now Hero Pools will only affect players who are competing at the levels of Masters and Grandmaster, and based on the Overwatch League bans for the week. Readers can click here for a comprehensive explanation of how these changes are rolling out and what players can expect.

With regards to bans for this week, players will need to deal with the banning of everyone’s favorite tank Reinhardt, along with Brigitte as support, and both Ashe and Reaper for damage. In esports, competitive play has already wrapped up for the weekend, but next week’s schedule for May 9th and 10th is now available by clicking here.

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