This Week In Pokémon GO (May Week 1)

Pokémon GO trainers might not be allowed out, but that hasn’t stopped this week from being a very busy one for anyone playing.

As Pokémon GO players read this, time’s a-wasting when it comes to the Kanto Throwback Event. Unless you have already completed all nine stages of Field Research in which case, good for you. Each stage is dedicated to a different gym leader from Kanto, with the ninth and final set of tasks ending in an encounter with a Psystrike-knowing Mewtwo.

Kanto week is just the beginning of what is a throwback month for Pokémon GO. This Friday, the second that the Kanto event comes to an end, a very similar week-long Johto one will begin. That’s at 1 pm local time on Friday, May 8, 2020, for those who didn’t know. Nine more sets of research to complete, this time with rewards linked to Johto.

Away from the research will be the beginning of GO Battle League Season 2. The start of the season has been delayed but will presumably startup at some point this week. It will work in the same way as Season 1, starting with the Great League. However, during the Master League portion, there will also be a Premier Cup for trainers to compete in this time around. The 3km entry fee is still being waived.

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