This Week In Team Fight Tactics (April Week 4)

With the recent 10.9 patch, players have seen a lot of changes in Team Fight Tactics this week.

Perhaps the biggest news is the introduction of three new Odyssey Arenas for players to battle on. Set in space, they are the Odyssey Jinx Arena, Odyssey Yasuo Arena, and the Odyssey Malphite Arena, all similarly designed save for some color schemes and decorations.

They’ve also made significant tweaks to drop rates and the Galaxies. For instance, inside the Treasure Trove, all minions and monsters will now drop a Loot Orb. These changes nudge the RNG in favor of the player, giving higher odds of being rewarded for doing well and second chances to struggling players.

Traits have been tweaked to incentivize players to use the smaller bonuses while nerfing some of the bigger ones. The hope is that this will shake up the current build path metas and introduce new strategies.

Furthering this trend, the developers have also adjusted many of the champions across all tiers to achieve better balance. Xerath, a popular tier 5 meta champion, has seen nerfs to his low level Abyssal Bombardment damage and the splash damage has dropped from 50% to 25%.

Now seems to be a great time to dive into the game, as the metas have been disrupted and the drop and reward rates have been improved. It’ll be interesting to see how these sweeping changes will have an effect on players’ strategies moving forward.

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