Total War: Three Kingdoms Gets Its First Proper Expansion This September

Sega and Creative Assembly have been busy supporting Total War: Three Kingdoms over the last year with an abundance of small scale DLC, but the action-packed strategy title is about to get a real shake-up soon. Dubbed The Furious Wild, the first proper expansion pack to the ancient Chinese RTS will be taking Lu Bu and company to the jungles of Southern China for some tropical warfare against new tribes and animals.

As with past expansions for the Total War series, this new add-on will bring four extra factions, new maps (based on the aforementioned jungle theming), 25 new units, and a ton of new tech trees. These new units will mark the introduction of animals into your armies, which should really mix up the combat.

The four additional factions will be led by Meng Huo, King Mulu, Lady Zhurong, and King Shamole. Zhurong, in particular, is known for riding elephants and those will be one of the additional units exclusive to her tribe. Others will have access to tigers and even a flaming mace weapon.

If paid DLC isn’t your thing, the launch of this expansion will coincide with a free update that includes quality-of-life improvements along with a new Han warlord, Shi Xie. Xie will have access to flame-firing Juggernaut artillery and some other special units. Gate Battles will also be coming for your strongholds, which should make for new strategic opportunities. No gate can hold back the might of Lu Bu and his army.

In a bold move, this expansion seems to be completely ditching the historical angle for a more fictional one. The base Three Kingdoms game had different options for playing in the “Romance” settings and something closer to actual reality, but we’ve long since crossed that mountain. If Lu Bu wasn’t meant to ride on elephants, though, then I don’t know what the history books are leaving out.

The Furious Wild is currently scheduled for a September 3, 2020 release date. It will be available for $20, which is actually fairly reasonable given the series’ history. Most previous expansions would go for $40 or more, so you’re getting a ton of content for a lesser price.

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