Touken Ranbu Warriors: 10 Strongest Touken Danshi

Touken Ranbu is a fascinating mixture of fiction and Japanese history. First starting as a browser game, the franchise quickly grew and spun off into a stage play, two anime series with a movie released in 2019, and now its own Musou game in collaboration with Koei Tecmo.

While Warriors was unable to fit the whole roster of 100+ swords into the game, the ones that are gathered here are some of the popular choices by fans, as well as some new characters that are solely in the spin-off game. Each one here is deserving of the spotlight to get to know them. Remember, this isn't a definitive list, and if after you read this and are interested in diving deeper, the mobile game is available on mobile app stores.

10 Ichigo Hitafuri

The only long sword made by his master, famed tanto (short sword) maker, Awataguchi Yoshimitsu, Hitafuri has a kind and calm demeanor that just doesn't quite hide the sadness beneath. Ichigo is in team two, led by Kasen Kanesada. He fights with movements resembling fencing – a style that compliments his imperial era garb – and can mow down piles of enemies in front of him with straight jabs.

While not on the same elegance wavelength as his leader, he brings his unique calm to the team that complements the others gracefully. What makes him stand out visually is his mint green hair and golden, glowing eyes that look back on his enemies.

9 Tomoegata Naginata

Let's get this out the way now: Tomoegata Naginata is a baddie, and not in a villain type of way either. To be able to wield his namesake with the power and the proficiency he does in those heels is straight baddie material.

More god than man, Tomoegata's only true goal is to protect his master, the Saniwa who holds Touken Danbu's hideout, or Hanmaru, together. Without them, they drift through time. Although his attacks are slower than other swords in the game, his range, and area of attack more than make up for it as he slices through the Retrograde Army that threatens to change and destroy history.

8 Namazuo Toushiro

The former naginata with a baby face, this short sword is quick, and his attacks are wild. One of Toushiro's special attacks is a windmill kick that can cover a wide area, and with the elemental attached to it, the attack can clear a room. Toushiro is known for being a positive person if a little on the headstrong side. Due to his reformation, Toushiro has gaps in his memory and doesn't remember much of what happened before he was reforged, but he prefers to live in the present instead of dwelling on what was. He continues to try and support his teammates and the captain of the second team.

7 Okurikara

Everything about him screams lone wolf. From his demeanor and facial expression to his style of combat, Okurikara usually prefers to be alone. So much so, that he only has two people he considers close enough to be called friends: Shokudaikiri Mitsutada and Tsurumaru Kuninaga.​​​​​​​

When he fights, it's all about raw power. No need to worry about grace or elegance, if Okurikara can slice them, then that's all that matters. Forged by the swordsmith Hiromitsu of Aishuu, and owned by Masamune himself, he insists that he isn't a well-known sword, which more that suits him. He dons a dragon tattoo on his left forearm.

6 Kasen Kanesada

When you first see Kasen Kanesada, you get the impression that he is elegant and cultured, and you wouldn't be wrong. His namesake comes from Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry, which has a dual meaning of referencing a group of prestigious poets, and the thirty-six vassals he was used to murder.

Once the time comes when he must fight, Kanesada can be a ruthless fighter. He is known for seeking the quick and fast solution to violence first instead of other solutions, but for Kasen, this isn't much of an issue. That fighting prowess is what made him the leader of the second unit in Warriors and a fine leader to follow in the game.

5 Yagen Toshiro

Don't let the small stature of this sword fool you, Yasen Toushiro is a powerhouse of speed and agility. This tanto has a special that will circle the field, taking down everything in its path. He is known as the blade that would cut stone but not its master.

He claims that he gained his experience on the battlefield unlike his related swords, who were display weapons. Fun fact: being on the battlefield so much, he has gained knowledge in medicinal herbs for healing. Yagen has a calm and collected demeanor, letting him be focused while battling the HRA.

4 Hyuga Masamune

Hyuga Masamune isn't known for saying what he means. He says the phrase "It's a pity" often when he loses, and while it does sound like something that is meant negatively, his use of it means acceptance and gratitude for being able to have another opportunity to fight again.​​​​​​​

On the battlefield, he fights with a short tanto and is light on his feet, performing extreme feats of aerial combat with ease. Hyuga was forged by one of the most highly regarded blacksmiths in Japanese history, Masamune. It's an honor to be given the name, but even more so when it is earned, Hyuga proves every gravity-defying spin in the air he takes.

3 Sengo Muramasa

The name Muramasa brings a chill to one's spine. The talented, but troubled master swordsmith was said to have his frenetic, violent energy poured into his works. The swords in turn would thirst for blood and violence before driving their master to the edge. Sengo laughs at all of this. He doesn't care about being known as the demon sword.

On the field, his attacks can hit twice in the same stroke, and while he's quick, it's clear that he prefers strength to agility. His boots steal the show, however. Nothing says "I want to strike you down and look good doing it" like a pair of thigh-high battle boots. In his off time, you'll find him around the Hanmaru trying to take off his close at the first sign of approval.

2 Omokage

New to the series, Omokage is a mysterious otachi or great sword. Not much is known about him other than he's seemingly willing to help the honmaru fight off the HRA, but something about his presence doesn't feel right, and the others are left to uncover the truth about him. When he fights, he has up to five copies of himself and dominates the field.

His normal attacks also have a glowing copy come out to combo with him, but it only seems to be only two instead of the maximum of five for his Musou attack. There is a solemn grace around him, he's calm and collected, and doesn't seem like the type to lose his cool. He is a mystery waiting to be solved.

1 Mikazuki Munechika

His beauty is known throughout his time and has the nickname of 'most beautiful of the five great swords,' with crescent moons formed in his sword, he deserves every bit of that nickname. Mikazuki's beauty conceals an old soul. He is quick to joke about his age, as he was made when Japanese sword making was just being established and has a rather laid-back attitude when not fighting to protect the honmaru.

It seems that Mikazuki adopted this laid-back and chill attitude after he gained an appreciation for life after experiencing his brush with death. Leader of the first unit, he is followed by his friends Sengo Muramasa and Tonbokiri, one of the three great spears of Japan.

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