Uber Eats makes it easier to send meals to friends and family

Uber Eats is introducing a new feature that makes it easier for people to send meals to friends and family. This represents the latest in long line of recent new offerings from Uber that are designed to counter the drop in demand for its core services due to COVID-19.

While it was already possible to buy and send food to anyone else through Uber Eats, the recipient would not be able to keep tabs on the progress of the delivery — this would ultimately mean that the buyer had to send constant updates on the status of the order, including how long it is expected to take and whether there are any subsequent delays. Now, however, Uber Eats will allow buyers to share a tracking link which shows the real-time status of the order.

The feature, which is rolling out globally from today, will enable users to copy and paste a link into any other app, be it SMS, WhatsApp, or email.

Above: Uber Eats: Sharing delivery details with anyone else

The launch comes shortly after Uber Eats opened to telephone orders in the U.S., expanding its potential customer base to million of people who don’t yet own a smartphone. And a few weeks back, Uber also launched a new delivery service that allows people to utilize Uber’s vast transport network to send anything to anyone — this could be to lend a guitar to a friend who lives on the other side of town, or swap an exercise bike for some dumbbells.


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